Very Grinchmas Kit transforms the vibrant Who-ville world into gingerbread

Uber One Very Grinchmas Kit for the holidays, photo provided by Uber One
Uber One Very Grinchmas Kit for the holidays, photo provided by Uber One /

While the Grinch might enjoy munching on onions, many people prefer an extra serving of sweetness during the holidays. This season, Uber One is bringing a taste of Who-ville to the holiday table with the new Very Grinchmas Kit and it is a gingerbread house of epic proportions.

Although some resorts might have lifelike gingerbread displays, the home variety has a slightly smaller scale. People marvel at the combination of butter, flour, and sugar transformed into that decorative structure.

While those epic creations can cause jaws to drop, the reality is that no one can pluck a candy off the wall or lick the wallpaper. Luckily, the homemade variety have a little sweeter interaction. The only downside is that the brown color of the typical gingerbread house can be a little drab.

In the festive Who-ville world, everything is a technicolored holiday extravaganza. Any gingerbread representation of that Suess world needs to reflect that classic story brought to life. Luckily, this Very Grinchmas Kit captures the wonder, whimsy, and a little wonky that people have come to appreciate.

This special kit includes all the items to create a Cindy-Lou pink Who-ville House, some Grinch inspired cookies and a hot cocoa recipe. This item can be paired with an annual watching of the classic movie, a family night, or a centerpiece of a seasonal dinner. No matter the scenario, it is the bright pink visual that will have everyone take a second and third look.

Very Grinchmas Kit features a pink Cindy Lou house
Very Grinchmas Kit features a pink Cindy Lou house, photo provided by Uber One /

Given that The Grinch has become such an iconic holiday story, this special offering takes the tale in a different direction. It blends what people remember with a little personal creativity.

While the big splashy moments and snarky-grinchified comments might get attention, it is the simple, sweet little expressions that resonate far longer. It might not necessarily make the heart grow three sizes bigger, but it will make everyone feel warm and cozy.

While the making and enjoying element of the Very Grinchmas Kit is the primary fun, there is an extra element adds an extra sprinkling of holiday fun. The AR experience will bring people to the top of Mt. Crumpit. Although Max might be an expert at helping The Grinch maneuver the sleigh, everyone can devise a way to balance that overflowing vessel.

This special offering is one of several holiday promotions available via Uber. From the opportunity to book a holiday bus for seeing all those decorations to gift suggestions from favorite celebrities, there are many opportunities to enjoy the merriment of the season. And, if you happen to spot those Robot Reindeer, they might be full of some tasty treats.

To order the Very Grinchmas Kit, it will be available via the Uber Eats app on December 12. It is $49.99.

Cindy Lou might have said, “No matter how different a Who may appear, he will always be welcomed with holiday cheer” and bringing the Very Grinchmas Kit to any celebration will make the celebration even merrier.

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