Starch Madness: Round of 64 Voting

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(5) Onion Rings VS (12) Empanadas

While every burger needs its side, nobody ever said that it had to be a french fry. In fact some may argue that onion rings are the perfect complement to any burger or hot dog. The key to a good onion ring is the batter. An onion ring with a crispy yet flaky crust filled with a melted onion is something

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that food legends are made of. Let’s not mistake good onion rings for onion strings. These are two completely different things, with the strings not even close!

Empanadas may not be as popular or well known as the Onion Ring, but it might be the most veteran of the members of the Starch Madness bracket. Having first appeared in a cookbook around 1520, the empanadas is assumed to be a Spanish or Portuguese treat. However, there have been similar renderings in just about every culture. The point is, this buttery and flaky crust filled with meat or cheese is a timeless starch and could be a sleeper in the tournament. Those sneaky 12-seeds…

(6) Dumplings VS (11) Sliders

Ever been to the Gourmet Dumpling House in Boston? If you have, then you know why dumplings got such a favorable seed. While almost any kind

of dumpling is amazing, the soup dumplings from this Bean Town eatery is on another level. There is something profound about liquid being encased in a thin noodle. Whether you are a carnivore or a vegetarian, dumplings are probably your favorite Chinese dish!

They say big things come in small packages and both parts of this 6-Vs-11 matchup live by that mantra. But in no place on this bracket is that more evident than with our 11-seed sliders. While most people think of sliders as mini cheeseburgers, in reality the term can be used  for any mini sandwich. These minis are so popular, chains like White Castle and Krystal base their entire model off of them. The variations are many, but one thing always in common is deliciousness.

(7) Potato Skins VS (10) Egg Rolls

Does any vegetable have the ability to become a meal the way a potato can? The loaded baked potato is in fact a substantial meal, however its relative the Potato Skin makes a fantastic appetizer. Loaded with cheese, bacon, scallions and served with some sour cream. The Selection Committee is sure to answer questions on how are these babies a seven seed.

That seeding will prove to be dangerous as they match up against the pride of Chinese-American Starches, the Egg Roll Chinese got it right when they invented the Egg Roll. These wonton are filled with fillings like shrimp, pork, and cabbage are so good several other cuisines have replicated the technique. From the Southwestern Egg Roll to the Breakfast Egg Roll, these rolls mean business.

(8) Cornbread VS (9) Garlic Knots

This 8-Vs-9 matchup is the battle of two very different, but very delicious types of bread. Cornbread is a one of the most versatile starches in the field. It can be thrown into a Thanksgiving stuffing or used as a compliment to great bowl of chili. There are spicy jalapeño cornbreads and sweet blueberry cornbreads to boot. Whichever your cornbread preference, it is best prepared in a cast iron skillet and covered in butter.

Is it crazy to think that there are some places that serve pizza but not garlic knots? Garlic bread is ok, but it really doesn’t hold a candle to a good garlic knot. They are soft on the inside and have a slight crisp on the outside. And everyone knows they would dip practically anything in that garlic butter. A must have on any pizza night.

This matchup is a real toss up.