The time has finally come. Every year March is synonymous with basketball, brackets, and..."/> The time has finally come. Every year March is synonymous with basketball, brackets, and..."/>

Starch Madness: Round of 64 Voting

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(5) Mac & Cheese VS (12) Boneless Wings

What a matchup here in the Entree Region. It seems every year at least one 12-seed escapes the first round and does some damage.

Could Boneless Wings be the favorite to make such a run? The talk on Twitter is already how these handheld flavor monsters are under-seeded. Members of the selection committee felt that Boneless Wings were barely a starch, but decided to let them see if they could hang with the big carbs!

They face-off with creamy competition in round one as they find themselves matched up against a timeless classic, Mac & Cheese. There is no denying the resurgence of the Mac & Cheese program over the past decade. It went from being a cheap and quick dinner fix to a decadent restaurant menu item. Nearly every eatery has their version whether it be Lobster, Truffle, or Buffalo Chicken. No matter what the cheese is a force to be reckoned with.

(6) Pot Pie VS (11) Lasagna

The scary thing about this 6-Vs-11 matchup is if the seeds were flipped, nobody would bat an eye. In a strong field you are bound to find strong starches seeded all over the bracket. This matchup is a perfect example.

On one end you have the flaky pie crust of Pot Pie filled with a thick soup-like mix of your favorite meats and vegetables topped with even more pie crust. There is even the less popular variation which substitutes puffed pastry for the pie crust. On the other hand there is the king of layered casseroles, the Lasagna. Layers upon layers of meat sauce and cheese baked up until golden brown and bubbly. A great meal when served up with some delicious Garlic Knots, which happen to be the nine-seed from the Appetizers Region.

(7) Tacos VS (10) Burritos

This ultimate battle of Mexican entrees is one of the highlights of the first round of Starch Madness. So many things about these two foods can be exactly the same. The question Tacos or Burritos is something Chipotle customers face every day!

They both can contain a number of  ingredients, including several types of meat. The real question is how do you prefer your Mexican? If you like a smaller hand held bite that can have a crunchy shell exterior, Tacos are for you. If you would rather fill a large tortilla to the point of combustion, Burritos it is.

(8) Fried Rice VS (9) Chicken Parmesan

Chinese Vs Italian, the classic take-out dilemma in this 8-Vs-9 matchup. With Fried Rice you get a dish which has relatively endless possibilities. The


rice itself is pretty much a blank canvas and can be loaded up with your favorite meats and vegetables. The only standard is the cooking method and some egg.

On the other hand we have Chicken Parmesan. A recipe which really can only be made one way. A breaded chicken cutlet, pan-fried then topped with red sauce and cheese. You don’t mess with a classic, and this 9-seed is a classic!