Starch Madness: Round of 64 Voting

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(5) Goldfish VS (12) Ritz

Two of the most dynamic snack crackers on the market face off in yet another 5-Vs-12 matchup. While they both are delicious, there are several differences between Goldfish and Ritz crackers.

When it comes to Goldfish, we are talking a cheesy baked cracker shaped like a cute little fish. In addition to a constant out pouring of new flavors (Gotta love the Chocolate ones!) they also have one of the best jingles in the game. The competition in this first round, is stiff as Goldfish takes on the ultimate sandwich cracker in Ritz. In addition to the pre-made peanut butter or cheese-filled minis, the original version of the cracker makes for one of the best vessels for any spread or meat & cheese combo you desire. A tough matchup that will be hard to predict.

(6) Ramen Noodles VS (11) Snack Mixes

College snacks take on Kid snacks in this 6-Vs-11 battle. With Ramen Noodles there are so many way you can slurp it. You can go with the dehydrated, spice packet accompanied 30 cents per packet version or you can go for the real thing in place like Japan or David Chang’s Momofuku. Realistically these are two very different things, but the name is the same.

On the other end of the spectrum is the many versions of Snack Mixes. How many are there these days? There’s Chex, Cherrios, Cheez-It, and Gardetto’s to name a few. No matter what your favorite one is they are a great option to fill your snack food craving?

(7) Doritos VS (10) Pretzels 


Doritos have taken the chip game to a whole new level. In fact, they may be the only brand of chip to ever have a taco shell made of them. But back to the chip itself. The flavors are many, and they are all good! The best is probably Cooler Ranch, but Nacho Cheese is pretty darn good.

On the other side of this matchup is Pretzels. Lucky for Pretzels (and unlucky for Doritos?) the selection committee didn’t specify if these were soft or hard Pretzels, therefore both are fair game. This means you could be voting for the ballpark version, salted with mustard, or the pretzel sticks that are great to snack on. Even those thick hard pretzels are up for consideration. Is there an upset brewing?

(8) Twinkies VS (9) Cheetos

Twinkies may have had a scare, but they are coming back strong and their targets are set on a deep run through Starch Madness. These creme-filled spongy desserts could survive a nuclear blast. So should we expect they are nervous about taking on a cheese loving cheetah?

That cheetah would say so as he represents the cheesiest of the snack foods. That orange powder is almost as good as this cheesy crisps themselves. The only question about Cheetos is Puffs or Crunchy?