Tailgating: Slow Cooker Pulled Pork


Mandatory Credit: dirtsailor2003

Staying on our tailgating theme here, we have looked at Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip and Beer Can Chicken so far.  Another favorite in this house before, during and after a game is slow cooker pulled pork.

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This is a nice crock pot recipe that can be used during anytime of the year and it is a great set it and forget it meal.  Put it together, head to work, and come home to a house that smells delightful.

First you will need a center cut pork tenderloin that is in the range of about 2 pounds.  This will usually feed my 5 so change portions accordingly, if needed.

The second thing that you will need is the Bar-B-Que sauce.  If you have a favorite go with that.  I prefer a sweeter sauce for this just because of the bread that I will use.  I will normally use about 2 pounds of sauce for 2 pounds of meat.

After you have your pork and your sauce ready to go you can put it into the crock pot and set if for when you are  ready to eat.  When the pork is ready it will have to be shredded, this is really the only labor intensive part of the meal.

Now, the final step of this is the bread.  I use to use regular rolls and it worked fine.  But then I was thinking back to what got me hooked on to pulled pork because it never tasted the same from the first time I had it years ago.  Then I remembered, the pork and sauce not the big deal, it was the type of bread.  I now use and will never use anything else except for Texas Toast. Yes! Texas Toast, the garlicky flavor adds that extra dimension to the pulled pork that you just cannot beat anywhere else.

Grad a bag of Texas Toast, cook per the directions and slap some of that mouth-watering pulled pork on to the cooked texas toast and get ready for one of the best comfort meals and also tailgating meals that you can have.