Tailgating: Classic Buffalo Wings


Mandatory Credit: Steven Guzzardi

When it comes to tailgating, the fans for the Buffalo Bills know how to tailgate.  Before their home opener this year, which was last weekend, Sunday the 14th, the began tailgating at 6:30 am in the RV lot on Saturday the 19th.  A day and a half of tailgating, is one thing, but the one thing that you need for tailgating is food.  Good food no less.

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We have looked at a couple of foods so far that you can tailgate with and will add to the normal hot dogs and hamburgers that you primarily see at the stadium parking lots.

Today we will take a look at your classic Buffalo Wings.  As I am from Buffalo, I feel somewhat qualifies to talk about this subject.

There is one ingredient that you will need to make Buffalo wings, truly Buffalo wings.  You will see Buffalo wings on the menu across the nation, but unless you have gone tot he Anchor Bar, home of the buffalo wing, or tried a Buffalo Wing from a surrounding restaurant in the Buffalo area, you have not had a wing, Buffalo Style.  Everyone else is an imitator, and a poor one at that.

The one ingredient that will make you wing a true Buffalo wing is that of Franks RedHot Sauce.  The same that we used in the Buffalo Chicken wing Dip.  Without this, your wing is just another slabbed in some type of underachieving hot sauce.

So you take your chicken wings, and you fry them up to your desired crispness, I prefer mine to be crispy, and then you take your Franks RedHot sauce and smother the wings in them.  Third, step in the process is to eat the wing and enjoy your classic Buffalo Chicken wing.

Now if you are unable to tolerate the hot sauce by itself, to make a medium sauce, take a 1:1 ration of hot sauce and butter and mix together.  For a mild sauce take a 2:1 ration of butter to hot sauce and you have your mild sauce.

Just remember that without Franks RedHot sauce, a wing is just a wing, nothing more, nothing less.