Tailgating: Baby Back Ribs


Mandatory Credit: Kurman Communications, Inc.

So I a sitting here thinking of different recipes that I can pull out for tailgating and what I would enjoy at a tailgating party.  Going through different ideas, and what I would like out their as well as what I have seen others cooking or even bringing to the party.

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Seeing as it is Sunday, and tailgating should be in full swing. Here is a baby back rib recipe that I use for my ribs and I am not allowed to make them any other way in my house.  Try these on for size.

Choose your baby back ribs, or the type of ribs your prefer, whether they are baby back, or beef ribs, whatever your pleasure is it is no matter to me.  Food is about you and how you like it.

So grab your ribs, and grab your beer, your favorite beer.  Take a couple of swigs of beer and place your ribs into an oven safe container to where your ribs will be able to lay flat.

Now take a couple swigs of beer and pour the beer onto the ribs.  Cover the ribs with the beer until about halfway full with beer.  Add water to cover the ribs fuller.  There should be a 2:1 ratio of beer to water in the container with the ribs.

Cover the rib vessel with foil. Place the ribs into an oven that is preheated to about 200-250 degrees.  Now let them sit for 2 hours and drink beer, preferably your favorite beer.

Two hours later, take the ribs out.  Let cool for a bit.  They ribs should be tender at this point and could be eaten at this point, but we are not done.  Take the ribs when able to be handled and move to the grill; don’t forget your beer.  Fire up the grill and grab your bar-b-que sauce, any flavor, again this is about you so your favorite.

Cover the ribs in sauce and begin grilling.  Now the ribs are cooked through, so you will only need to grill the sauce onto the ribs and get them to your preference.  Should only take 15-20 on the grill rotating the ribs while saucing each side.

Cut and enjoy.