Chrepumple Cake


With it being Thanksgiving tomorrow I thought that I would pull this one out of my hat.  Everyone has heard of the Turducken made famous by John Madden where you take a Duck and a Chicken and a Turkey and stuff them all inside of each other and then cook them.  Here is my version cake style. I call it the Chrepumple for its contents.  I got this a couple of years ago and have made it a couple of times so trial and error are out of the way.  It is starting to make a viral scene on facebook with another guy making it just a little different than I do, and using different combinations you could easily make your own.

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How to make the dessert version of the Turducken is to combine cakes and pies.  I really don’t know if you classify this as a cake or a pie but at this point, once you eat it, it won’t matter at all.

I will build this up from ground to top and then break it down a bit more as to how I do it.

The bottom layer is an apple pie cooked in the middle of a yellow cake. The second layer is a pumpkin pie cooked into a spice cake and the top layer is a cherry pie baked into a chocolate cake.

After the cakes and pies are baked and it is layered on top on one another, the cake is then frosted in entirety and decorated as desired.

I personally have used fondant to decorate and create designs based on the occasions I have made this for.

Ok so let me break this down for you.  I make each pie from scratch before I cook them in the cakes.  Each pie is cooked and ready to eat before you even get to the cake steps.  I use a spring form pan, as it is easy to get the cakes out after they are baked without damaging them.  With the spring form pan set up and ready to go, you add a small amount of the cake batter into the based of the spring form pan.  Add the pie as carefully as possible, you don’t want it to break up to much if possible, because the fun this is to see all of the layers after it is cut into.

After the pie is added, cover the pie with the remaining cake batter.  Bake until the cake is done.  I do make each cake batter from scratch as well but you can use boxed cake mixes as well to save on time.

After the cakes are cooked through, layer, frost and decorate and you have yourself one fantastic dessert.  When you cut into it you will see all of the layers from cake to pie to cake and so on. It really looks pretty cool.