Ice cream cravings satisfied, Baskin-Robbins partners with DoorDash


Ice cream cravings can happen at the most inconvenient times. Not to worry, Baskin Robbins partners with DoorDash and solved the ice cream dilemma.

How many times after dinner have you wanted a bowl of ice cream? But, no one wants to go to the store. Those ice cream cravings can now be fulfilled with the Baskin-Robbins and DoorDash partnership.

Now available in 22 cities, about 600 Baskin-Robbins locations offer ice cream delivery through DoorDash. Major participating cities include Chicago, Las Angeles, Dallas, New York and Washington, D.C. The ice cream delivery is available through the DoorDash app or website.

Ice cream can bring a smile to almost anyone’s face. From the most popular flavor, vanilla, to inventive flavor combinations, ice cream is a staple dessert for many people Studies show that the majority of households have at least one container of ice cream in the freezer.

Still, sometimes a household runs out of ice cream. The craving for the creamy, sweet treat is real. Some may say that will power could withstand that desire, but who wants to be strong all the time. Now with the home delivery option, the delicious 31 Baskin-Robbins flavors can be at your doorstep quickly.

To celebrate both this new partnership and National Ice Cream month, the two companies are joining forces to assist local children’s hospitals. On July 14, the companies will deliver Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treats to select children’s hospitals.

According to Carol Austin, Vice President of Marketing for Baskin-Robbins, “we’re honored to work with DoorDash to deliver joy to several children’s hospitals across the country by providing free Polar Pizzas to patients, their families and/or dedicated hospital staff.”

Baskin Robbins – MintCCPolarPizza-(PRNewsfoto/Baskin-Robbins)

In addition to spreading some ice cream happiness to kids and families in hospitals, Baskin-Robbins will be offering free samples of its Polar Pizza in stores on July 14. The first ever Polar Pizza sampling event will give ice cream fans the chance to try Mint Chocolate Chip Polar Pizza. This ice cream treat features “double fudge brownie crust and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream topped with OREO® cookie pieces, fudge and marshmallow topping.” The sampling event will be held from noon till 5 p.m. at participating locations.

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Whether you are celebrating National Ice Cream Month or just want to have a happy food moment, fix yourself a bowl of Baskin-Robbins ice cream. DoorDash will make sure that any of those late night ice cream cravings are satisfied.