Budweiser, MLB All Star Game sponsor, makes big announcement


Budweiser and baseball are American icons. During the MLB All Star game, Budweiser, the game’s sponsor, will present $1 million donation to Folds of Honor.

A summer baseball game and an ice cold beer are part of American culture. Budweiser, the office Major League Baseball beer, is making this year’s MLB All Star Game more celebratory. In partnership with Folds of Honor, $1 million dollars in educational scholarships will be awarded this year.

"“We are honored to present this $1 Million check to Folds of Honor during one of the most patriotic moments of the All-Star Game,” said Ricardo Marques, vice president, Budweiser. “We are proud to honor those who serve, and to continue our six year partnership with Folds of Honor, which enables us to help change the lives of families of injured and fallen soldiers.”"

For six years, Budweiser and Folds of Honor have partnered to give back to families of fallen and disabled servicemen and women. During the partnership, Budweiser has donated $12 million and more than 2,220 educational scholarships.

For every Budweiser America bottle and can sold this week in the lead-up to Memorial Day (May 22-29), a portion of the proceeds, up to $1 million, will benefit Folds of Honor. (PRNewsfoto/Budweiser)

Funds for the charity were raised from beer sales. During the summer, the classic beer company earmarked proceeds from American can and bottle sales. As beer drinkers enjoyed the classic lager, Folds of Honor reaped the rewards.

As an American icon, Budweiser continually finds way to honor its history. Having bottled beer in the U.S. since 1876, the beer company has a long and storied history in many states. To celebrate America’s favorite lager, Budweiser released special state packaging.

Featuring 12 states where the lager is brewed, these state specific bottles help to promote pride in the American lager. The 12 states are “California (featuring two Budweiser breweries), Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas and Virginia.”

Available through September 11, the re-designed bottles have each state’s name predominately placed on the label. Also, the state’s abbreviation is centered on each bottle. Finally, the state mottos replace “King of Beers” phrase.

Unfortunately, not every state can have a signature bottle. The Midwest seems to be most left out of this promotion. Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, big beer drinking states, will have to be content with just the regular Bud bottle.

Still, the redesigned labels do reinforce customer loyalty. Like other brands name labels, some customers are drawn to these special products. If a brand can retain, and possibly gain, customers with a product label, the business model makes sense.

But, some beer drinkers are strict brand loyalists. From light beer drinkers to nano-brewery elite, a label won’t influence the beer purchase. Still, these loyalists are probably not the company’s target market.

Budweiser should be applauded for its desire to applaud and support its customer base. From the state labels to its charity efforts, it is refreshing to see a company give back. Cheers to them.