Smashburger adds new Triple Double, ultimate cheese burger


With gooey, melted cheese in every juicy bite, Smashburger’s new Triple Double burger is a cheese burger lover’s dream. Launching nationwide, the new hamburger will quickly become a fan favorite.

Cheese burgers are meant to have cheese in every bite. Un-melted, clumped cheese makes a burger taste horrible. For big burger cravings, the new Smashburger Triple Double is the ultimate hamburger indulgence.

Known for its fresh, never frozen burgers, Smashburger is a popular fast casual chain. The burgers are cooked and then smashed to the griddle. The restaurant’s signature tag line, “Smashed Fresh, Served Delicious” sums up its commitment to a better burger.

Located in 32 states and 5 countries, the fast casual restaurant wants people to enjoy eating burgers. Instead of the frozen burger puck or the bland patty, the company’s founders believed that a better tasting burger is achievable. Using fresh, never frozen beef for a burger is key to the optimal taste. Better ingredients create a better tasting product.

The new burger, the Triple Double, appeals to the hearty appetite burger fan. The company says that this burger will offer double the meat and triple the cheese. With two meat patties, it will take a big bite to indulge in this burger. Even with elbows out and buns smashed, eaters will have to open wide. Just don’t take a fork and knife to this burger goodness.

With the three slices of cheese, the burger ensures that every bite has cheese. There is nothing worse than cheese lacking on a cheese burger. Also, combining American and cheddar cheese offers a sharp, yet creamy flavor.

Guests can customize the Triple Double with any of toppings. From fresh lettuce and tomato to crunchy pickles, each Triple Double is made to the customer’s order. Add to the burger a classic side or handspun milkshake and the meal is totally indulgent.

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Are you ready for burger awesomeness? Head over to Smashburger for this ultimate cheese burger. You might want to do some jaw exercises to prepare.