Foodie photos are part of vacation memories, 5 food photo tips

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Scallops, Food photo tips, photo by Cristine Struble

Don’t take forever taking the picture

If you are sitting with a table filled with friends, don’t delay the meal to take another foodie photo. Unless you’re at a table of food writers, people may not be inclined to wait. (A table filled with food writers will spend a long time photographing every dish, angle and tiny detail.) Why abruptly interrupt a festive occasion to pull out your phone?

Some friends may not be pleased with your food photo obsession. If others don’t want the constant photo taking, try to respect their preference. There is no reason to ruin a friendship over an Instagram photo.

Once your dish is served, try to take your photo quickly and efficiently. Over time, it will become easier. You will know the best way to hold your phone, move the plate or reposition something around the plate.

Practice does make perfect. Why not practice quick and efficient food photos at home. Snap a picture or two of tonight’s dinner, the cocktail that you made or even your morning smoothie on the way to work.

While we all may want to photographically remember the most amazing dish, the best way to remember it is eating the food. Cold food, unless it is meant to be cold, isn’t the way a chef intended you to enjoy it. Often you spent good money on that dish, don’t waste it. No food photo is worth the dish’s taste suffering.