Cook with Tasty? BuzzFeed unveils the Tasty One Top smart appliance


Tasty, and its food videos, are unbelievable popular. With the Tasty One Top smart appliance, everyone can cook with Tasty and their favorite food videos.

Everyone has probably watched at least one Tasty video. The quick, eye catching recipe videos make cooking, even the most difficult dish, seem effortless. Recently, BuzzFeed announced its entrance into the smart appliance market with Tasty One Top. Now everyone can cook with Tasty.

Tasty is “largest social food network in the world.” Since its inception two years ago, the videos are watched over 2 billion times per month. As more and more people want to cook at home, the visual recipe format is taking over. Gone are the days of thick cookbooks. Now, people want to see each step and the final product.

Tasty One Top smart appliance, photo from Businesswire

Also, these video recipes turns cooking from a solidary at home task to a social, shareable one. Friends can share their favorite videos, create the dishes and share the final product on their social media channels. From huge successes to laughable fails, everyone enjoys the entire process.

Still, cooking may not be easy for some. The new Tasty One Top smart appliance is meant to take the guesswork out of cooking. Working with the new Tasty app, consumers can take their favorite Tasty recipes and cook them in their own kitchen with ease. The assumption is that this smart appliance will make cooking foolproof.

Smart appliances are not new. Many companies have introduced these appliances into the market place. From sous vide machines with corresponding apps to the ever popular instapots, consumers are becoming more adept at using these kitchen tools.

But, cooking isn’t just blindly following the recipe or directions on an app. While all of these apps and smart appliances can help the novice cook, cooking has some nuances that a device can’t control. For example, not all types of butter are the same. What if you used salted butter versus unsalted? Your final dish will taste different. But, if you used less salt than recommended in the recipe, your dish might taste fine versus over salted. An app may not include that little tip.

Tasty One Top, in blue, photo from Businesswire

Still, Tasty’s expansion into the small appliance market is smart. The brand already has a large and loyal following. Many people will consider buying this product, as well as expected future products, in hopes of cooking the many Tasty recipes and cooking them well. Name recognition is a start, but the product needs to perform well.

Like the many other brand partnerships in the home and housewares area, brand partnerships influence sales. Numerous celebrity chefs have cooking lines. Television shows have branded products. Fans of these shows, chefs and celebrities want to feel more connected to their favorite shows or people. These products offer that connection.

Tasty fans can preorder the Tasty One Top at The countertop cooking package sells for $149. Working with the Tasty app, the appliance can pan cooking, pot cooking, slow cooking, sous vide, and more.

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Are you ready to cook with Tasty? Maybe this smart appliance should be added to your kitchen.