August food holidays: 9 reasons to grab a fork, spoon and straw

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International Beer Day, photo provided by Jake’s Corner Tap

International Beer Day

Whether the first Friday in August or August 7 a cold s in order. Whether you enjoy a lager, ale or stout, International Beer Day is a great reason to raise a pint in celebration. According the International Beer Day website, the day is about enjoying a good beer with friends. Started back in 2008, the day is meant to be enjoyed outside of the house. Bars, pubs or any drinking hole is a good place to saddle up to the bar and ask for a frosty cold brew.

Started in California, International Beer Day is celebrated across the globe. While many people celebrate by drinking a favorite beer, the day celebrates brewers and bartenders. Many celebrants are encouraged to buy others a beer in celebration.

Beer can be traced back to ancient civilizations. The Egyptians enjoyed a cold brew after lugging all the stones for the pyramids. One report has beer being credited to a woman. According to Kathryn Schroeder, beer was accidently created by the ancient Mesopotamia woman, Ninkasi. Now known as the Goddess of Beer, she discovered that gathered grains, with the help of nature, became fermented. And, in turn, beer was born.

Today, beer is a huge industry. Nationally recognized brands share space with craft breweries. Even micro-breweries and nano-breweries have market share. People are becoming more beer savvy.From IPA styles to can versus bottle, the nuances of beer flavors are highly debated. Still, on a hot day, any cold beer can be quite refreshing.

While International Beer Day doesn’t require an in depth discussion on beer, the day is a great reason to gather with friends over a beer.