August food holidays: 9 reasons to grab a fork, spoon and straw

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National Filet Mignon Day

Call it dainty or cute National Mignon August 13. Either translation from the French conveys that this small cut of meat is prized by steak lovers. Known to be extremely tender, this cut of cow’s meat contains less connective tissue. This cut of meat is more tender than other parts of the cow. Sometimes considered very buttery, the filet mignon is often a more expensive to buy.

Even though meat is tender, the filet should be seasoned prior to cooking. A coarse salt and freshly ground pepper is all that is needed. Some chefs add a drizzle of olive oil before cooking, but it isn’t completely necessary.

After spending a decent amount of money on a filet mignon, it is important to cook it correctly. Searing the piece of meat on each side maintains its juiciness. Second, determine your preferred doneness. While a filet mignon shouldn’t be served well-done, a medium rare or medium cook is wonderful. While some cooks can determine doneness by touch, a meat thermometer is a good investment.

Most important, do not cut the filet without letting is rest. Cutting the meat while hot off the grill or oven releases all the delicious juices. Keep all the flavor inside the filet and let it rest. Watching a cut steak blead on a bleed should make your heart break.

Celebrate National Filet Mignon Day at home or at your favorite steak restaurant. Don’t forget a good glass of wine to wash down the tender meat.