August food holidays: 9 reasons to grab a fork, spoon and straw

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photo by Cristine Struble

National Rum Day

Raising a glass to the sugar cane plant should be part of the National Rum Day celebration on August 16. Without the sugar cane plant, rum would not be part of the liquor shelf. Whether white, dark or spiced, rum can be drunk neat or in a cocktail. While not as popular as vodka or whiskey, rum has earned its spot in the liquor cabinet.

Although thought of as an island drink, rum isn’t more than an ingredient in fruity, frozen cocktail. Rum can have a nuanced flavor depending on the spirit’s origin. Jamaican rum is quite different than Puerto Rican rum. Sipping the liquor neat can showcase the nuanced flavors.

Since tiki bars have gained popularity, those establishments are a great place to toast National Rum Day. Although some locations may be far from the sand and shore, the laid back tiki atmosphere is a perfect place to sip a rum cocktail. Chicagoans can head to Two Dots and A Dash for one of the best tiki bars in the nation.

If you don’t have a tiki bar in your city, mix up a rum cocktail at home. The classic daiquiri is a great option to rediscover rum. The sour cocktail isn’t the overly sweet pre-made mix that you remember from college. The perfect blend of sweet, sour and liquor can make you fall in love with this classic cocktail. Other great classic rum drinks would be a Cuba Libre or bright, herbaceous mojito.

Salud to National Rum Day.