August food holidays: 9 reasons to grab a fork, spoon and straw

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National Bacon Lovers’ Day

Everyone say it with me. Everything is better with bacon. True, vegetarians and vegans may not agree, but many carnivores crave this meat candy. August 20 celebrates National Bacon Lover’s Day.

So many curious facts are known about bacon. From the notion that it cures hangovers to the fact the average American eats 17.9 pounds of bacon a year, bacon is part of the pop culture. I think one of the most unusual facts is that there is a patron saint of bacon (Saint Anthony the Great). If God has blessed this cured meat, then it’s welcome at my table.

People debate over the best way to cook bacon. Some people believe that the only way to get crispy bacon slices is from the griddle or pan. But, I prefer cooking bacon in the oven. Cooking bacon in the oven ensures that the bacon slide is flat. Lining the pan helps with clean-up. Also, you can add some seasonings, or even brown sugar, to oven cooked bacon. Serve up both cooking versions and see if you can taste a difference.

While a thick bacon slice is quite enjoyable, other bacon goodness can be eaten. If you’ve never tried Bacon Sausage, you are missing out. Big Fork Sausage is based in Chicago. The idea is simple, high quality ground bacon is blended with ground pork. Combined with seasonings, the encased meat is filled with tons of bacon.

With all the bacon flavor, Big Fork Bacon Sausage is perfect in many dishes. From bacon sausage biscuits to bacon sausage hash, there are many recipe combinations. Just when you thought that sausage couldn’t get better, it did because of bacon.