World’s fastest growing beer market: Africa tops the list


In honor of International Beer Day, why not try a beer from the world’s fastest growing beer market. But, have you ever had an African beer?

The first Friday in August is International Beer Day. While this celebration is a reason for some people e to drink more beer, the day celebrates more than just the hoppy beverage. Beer drinkers are encouraged to show some appreciation for the people who make the beer. While the U.S. beer market growth appears to have slowed, Africa’s beer market is growing at a rapid rate.

According to various reports, the African beer market is growing at a rate of 5% annually. This rate is higher than Asia, Europe and the U.S. While Asia still has the most consumption, Africa, the continent as a whole, is seeing the bigger growth. But, have you ever had an African beer?

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A quick walk through the beer aisle at my favorite liquor store can be an overwhelming stroll. From the popular brands to the local craft beers, I can usually find one that peaks my interest. From the super hoppy double IPAs to the lighter, fruity wheat beers, beer options are plentiful. But, the majority of beers come from the U.S., Europe and Mexico. If the African beer market is growing so fast, where’s the African beer?

First, there aren’t too many African beers. If you can find one, it is probably Tusker. A Diageo brand, Tusker is a traditional lager and it is made in Kenya. For the American consumer, the Tusker beer is a middle of the road beer. While not horrible, the beer itself isn’t memorable. Because the U.S. has so much variety, this decent lager would be overlooked. But, if you are looking to try an African beer, Tusker is probably your only option.

With the African beer market growing, the expectation is for more African beers to become available. Recently, Diageo invested $144 million into a Kenyan brewery. While it is unclear the type of beer this brewery will make, the investment shows a huge commitment to this beer market. The growth potential must be substantial and valid or that large of an investment would not have occurred.

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While Africa may be the fastest growing beer market, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the U.S. will see more African beers on it shelf. But, if you happen to travel to Africa, a cold beer should be easy to find.