Wisconsin State Fair food: Bacon, brats and bugs to feast on


As the Wisconsin State Fair begins its annual run, people are loosening their belts to enjoy all the Wisconsin State Fair food. This year’s list includes bacon, brats and bugs, yes bugs.

The annual Wisconsin State Fair is a favorite annual event for many Midwesterners. While some people would assume that it is about cows, rides and music, many people head to the annual event for the food. Every year the Wisconsin State Fair food has an impressive, long list of tempting treats.

Some Wisconsin fair offerings are classics that always deserve a stop. The iconic state fair cream puff is, and will always be, a must eat for anyone at the annual fair. Overflowing with thick, heavy cream, the cream puff takes some eating skills. Newbies may face a messy experience, but old pros know a few tricks.

But, a cream puff shouldn’t be the only food stop at the Wisconsin State Fair. Every year, vendors try to entice fair goers with new, sometimes unusual options. This year is no different. The options vary from bacon goodness to bugs on chips.

First, the good stuff, bacon. Bacon is all over the new food choices. From bacon ravioli to deep fried bacon wrapped olives, bacon lovers will be overjoyed. Even classic dishes like bacon bourbon sliders are a good choice. With all these bacon choices, people might have make multiple visits to enjoy all the bacon goodness.

The Wisconsin State Fair embraces some current food trends, too. One vendor offers sangria on a stick. Like the popular boozy popsicles or poptails, these adult popsicles will be refreshing on a hot day. And since unicorn food just won’t fade, there is a unicorn fried Twinkie. It is a fried Twinkie with some rainbow colored topping.

A Wisconsin State Fair has to have some brats. The delicious encased meat can be enjoyed in many ways. Of course, there’s always the classic version on a bun. But, this year try the Wisconsin cheese curds and brat taco. Combining two Wisconsin favorites in a crispy, deep fried shell is definite must eat.

The dish getting the most buzz is the cricket nachos. That’s right, bugs on top of bug chips. Now, many people will run far away from this booth and cringe at the thought of eating bugs. Others will take the cricket nachos as a dare. I would urge everyone to try cricket nachos.

Bugs aren’t bad. Tons of other counties eat bugs. With seasoning, think of them as a little crunchy treat. Truthfully, the cricket chips, called Chirps, have been around for a while. Cricket powder offers a good amount of protein. If someone served you Chirps, or cricket chips, you wouldn’t necessarily know the difference. I’ve served them to my kids and they ate them just like regular chips.

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Time to put on your stretchy pants and throw out the diet plan. Wisconsin State Fair food can only be enjoyed for a short time. Don’t miss your chance to indulge in all the deliciousness.