Prosecco pong: Another example of Prosecco’s popularity with millennials


Move over Bud Light, millennials fill those pong cups with Prosecco, a bubblier drink. Prosecco pong is another example of Prosecco’s popularity with millennials.

For a while, beer pong was a popular drinking game. Can you get the ping pong ball into the little cup? As the night went on, the game either got easier or harder. But, the beer market is slowing and consumers aren’t wanting to drink as much beer. Prosecco sales are soaring. Prosecco pong is taking over the beer pong table.

(Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images for NYCWFF)

Not all sparkling wines are the same. Champagne, cava, sparkling wine and Prosecco are all different. Taste, grapes and region truly make a difference. While they all have bubbles, even the bubbles themselves are slightly different. But, why is Prosecco’s popularity growing among millennials.

A few reasons have helped Prosecco’s popularity grow. The Italian sparkling wine tends to have a fruiter taste. Apple, melon and even pear flavors are predominant flavors. Overall, this type of sparkling wine is lighter.

Pairing Proseccos with food is relatively easy. As a slightly sweeter wine, Proseccos can pair with appetizers, spicy dishes, Asian foods and even desserts. The versatility of this sparkling wine makes it a great bottle to always have on hand.

Millennials enjoy this sparkling wine for several reasons. In addition to the versatility and taste, Proseccos are reasonably priced. A good champagne costs about $40 a bottle, but Proseccos average about $15 for a bottle. When you are drinking a couple bottles over a weekend or playing Prosecco pong, the price makes a difference.

Prosecco pong, by Talking Tables, is just another example of the sparkling wine’s growing popularity. The newer version of the pong drinking game adds a little flair to the old drinking game. With coup glasses (the old-school sparkling wine glasses) and pink balls, this pong drinking game appeals to both girls and guys.

The pink balls are an interesting choice. With Rose and frose popping up everywhere, it seems that pink is the millennial color. No longer just a girlie color, pink is for everyone. Maybe everyone’s unicorn obsession has a great influence.

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For your next party maybe it is time to break out a rousing game of Prosecco pong. And, if you don’t have any Prosecco in the fridge, you could substitute a bottle of rose. Everyone seems to have some of the wine this summer.