Back to school breakfast: 5 tips for easy school mornings


As moms cheer for the first day of school, the back to school breakfast can derail the happiest of mornings. These five tips for easy mornings will make everyone start the day right.

While everyone knows the importance of a substantial breakfast, the morning chaos can make breakfast an after-thought. Without a good breakfast, the rest of the day can be less successful. A good plan can help ensure that a back to school breakfast gets on the table and starts the day right. These five tips for easy school mornings will keep everyone happy.

1. Prep the night before:
As everyone rushes around, prepping a complicated breakfast is too time consuming. Prepping breakfast the night before can streamline the breakfast process. A bowl of pre-cut fruit served with a Greek yogurt is a great quick serve option.
Also, overnight oatmeal is a fast and easy way for everyone to eat. In a mason jar or storage container, combine all the oatmeal ingredients the night before. Keep the container in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, simply microwave the container and breakfast is served. Everyone can even accomplish this breakfast with one eye still shut.

2. Protein fuels the day:
Everyone knows that protein is essential for good energy. But, who has time to stand in front of the stove to cook an egg? A quick egg sandwich with veggies is a perfect protein packed breakfast. An omelet maker, like Holstein’s Housewares omelet maker is a great small appliance. Throw all the ingredients into the non-stick small appliance and in 10 minutes breakfast is served.

3. Think fresh:
Seasonal ingredients always pack a good nutritious punch. Consider using fresh fruits and veggies in the school morning breakfast. From citrus in the fall to berries in the summer, the fresh fruit tastes better in season. Plus, that fruit might be cost effective too. In season fruit and vegetables can cost less.

4. Caffeine to energize
For many people, a good cup of coffee is a requirement to start the day. From single serve coffee makers to an entire pot, take care of your coffee maker and it will take care of you. Keep your coffee maker clean to ensure that each cup is the best flavor possible. Plus, when you make coffee at home it is much more cost-effective than stopping at your favorite coffee chain.

5. Breakfast is not optional, the first meal of the day is a must
Skipping morning fuel can lead to poor food choices, not to mention decreased energy. Any breakfast, even a grab and go waffle, is better than no breakfast at all. A waffle with peanut butter and fruit is an easy, quick breakfast. Even a breakfast smoothie can be a great way to start the say. In just a few minutes, breakfast can be served.

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These back to school breakfast tips aren’t too difficult to incorporate into a family’s routine. Easy school mornings are on the horizon. Unfortunately, we can’t help with getting homework done or the school bags packed.