Drink the beet: Beets replace pomegranate as the new superfood drink


Everyone knows that beets offer a superfood boost. Get that healthy lift in refreshing beet superfood drink that you will want to sip.

Super foods are known to pack a nutritious boost. While avocado fries may be easy to eat, beets aren’t always the most popular choice. Now, with beet juice drinks, like Beetology, beets are replacing pomegranate as the new super food drink. Are you ready to take a sip?

Beets haven’t always been a popular choice for a typical dinner. While people understand the super food health benefits to eating beets, some people don’t like the texture. Sometimes considered gritty, beet dishes can be met with a look of disdain. But, transforming that vegetable into some tasty isn’t impossible.

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Beet drinks are an easy way to get the nutritional benefits of beets in better tasting way. Instead of just plan beet juice, combining it with other fruits, vegetables and spices can mask some of the beet qualities that some people don’t prefer. But, juicing beets at home can be cumbersome. Luckily, some companies have convenient, pre-made beet juices.

One example, Beetology offers a beet juice that combines red beets with other flavors. The drink is 100% cold press juice. The juice comes in five flavors and the flavors vary from beet and berry to beet with lemon and ginger. While the juice is enjoyable on its own, these Beetology juices are becoming popular mixers.

This type of beet juice is becoming popular because of its convenience. Juicing beets at home is both time consuming and tedious. A good cold press juicer can take a decent amount of time to juice some beets. More importantly, beets can make a mess in the kitchen. Ever have red hands for days after prepping beets? A grab and go beet juice is a much preferred convenience.

But, beet juice isn’t just a morning beverage. From mocktails to cocktails, the Beetology juices add a sense of good-for-you to any beverage. Naturally sweet, beet juice adds a touch of sweetness to any beverage without all the processed sugar. This sweetness makes it a great choice as a mixer for a mocktail or cocktail.

Since people are always looking for the new superfood, beet juice is becoming a popular mixer. As pomegranate’s popularity wans, beets are the new thing. While not on every bar menu, beet mules, margaritas and Bloody Marys are easy to shake up.

At home, the beet juice swap is simple and easy. For example, swap beet juice for the tomato juice in a Bloody Mary. The superfood swap adds some good nutrients to that Sunday brunch cocktail.

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For a change, sip on a glass of beet juice. This superfood drink can be good for you. Don’t dismiss the beet without trying it.