Amarula, popular South African cream liqueur has a connection to African elephants


If you haven’t tried Amarula, it is time to sip on the South African cream liqueur. But, why does it have an African elephant on the label?

Sometimes an after dinner drink is a perfect way to end an evening. A sweet note, not from a dessert, can be a lighter option. While many people are familiar with some cream liqueurs, Amarula may not be on their radar. This popular South African cream liqueur is a spirit that more people need to discover.

Made from the Marula fruit, Amarula is truly a South African spirit. Marula is a South African tree that bears its fruit once a year. The fruit is highly coveted for its pulp. The fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals. But, it best known for the delicious aroma when ripe. Even more interesting is the connection between this fruit and African elephants.

Marula is often referred to as “The Elephant Tree.” The name doesn’t come from the tree’s appearance; rather, the elephant’s love of the marula fruit. Every year, elephants travel long distances to indulge on the juicy, succulent fruit. When the elephants travel to the marula trees, South Africans know that the summer harvest is ready to be picked.

Amarula, South African cream liqueur photo by Cristine Struble

Since African elephants have such a strong connection to marula fruit, the African elephant is part of Amarula’s branding. The South African cream liqueur embraces its connection to the African elephant and the African culture.

Having visited South Africa, I fell in love with this cream liqueur. The spirit has a quite fruity aroma. The fruit notes are quite pronounce when first presented. While I wish that I had a good fruit comparison, I don’t. The marula fruit is quite unique.

Personally, I like this cream liqueur simply served over ice. It is a delightful after dinner drink. Less sweet than other cream liqueurs, it is quite good served on its own.

But, served simply isn’t the only way to enjoy it. Amarula can be added into hot chocolate and coffee. Also, the cream liqueur can be used in martinis and other cocktails. For example, it can be a substitute for other cream liqueurs.

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Next time you are thinking about trying a new after dinner drink, take a stroll down the liqueur aisle and look for an African elephant on the label. Like the African elephants, a few sips of the popular South Africa cream liqueur will have craving Amarula.