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The food trucks are ready and the teams are set. The Great Food Truck Race is ready to set off on the next big adventure.

Another season of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race is here. This season, Battle for the South, is about to set off on its latest journey. Waiting at the end of the journey is $50,000 for the winner. Only one of the seven teams will make it through each challenge.

Food trucks have grown in popularity. No longer the quick, easy bite for lunch, food trucks offer some amazing food choices. From sophisticated, elegant choices to ethnic, invocated options, food trucks are a great way to experience new foods in a convenient way.

This new season features seven teams with varying food truck experience. This season has contestants travel from New Orleans to Savannah. The choice to focus on Southern cities shows how Southern food is extremely popular. Like in previous seasons, each city will feature some aspect of the city’s popular dishes or ingredients.

According to the Food Network, this episode synopsis states:

"Seven teams with dreams of running their own food trucks arrive in the streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans where they meet host Tyler Florence. For their first challenge, the teams must create their own version of a beignet and sell it in the French Market in a challenge called “Dough for Dough.” Whatever money they earn, they get to add to their seed money. Next, the teams shop and hit the streets to sell, and find out that running a food truck is harder than they thought! In the second challenge, the teams must impress New Orleans Celebrity Chef Susan by creating a dish inspired by the popular Hurricane drink. One team is eliminated and six make it closer to the finish line and the grand prize of $50,000."

Are you ready to watch? Here’s how.

Date: Sunday, August 20
Start Time: 8 p.m. ET
Episode: “The Battle for the South: The Big ‘Not So Easy’”
TV Channel: Food Network

Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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Who will travel through the South and be the winner of The Great Food Truck Race? Tune in this season for a great culinary journey.