Alton Brown returns to Food Network with Chopped: Alton’s Challenge


Although Good Eats may not have new episodes, Alton Brown returns to the Food Network with Chopped: Alton’s Challenge. What will Alton Brown bring to the five part Chopped tournament?

Move over Ted Allen, the king of the Food Network is joining Chopped. Chefs dread the cloche unveil, and the words that you’ve been chopped. Now the entertaining Food Network show gets even more competitive with the limited series competition Chopped: Alton’s Challenge. While the basis of the show remains the same, Brown will influence the secret ingredients.

Brown is known for his classic Food Network show, Good Eats. While new episodes haven’t aired in years, the food show is a perennial favorite. The food show was part cooking show and part science. Viewers didn’t just follow a recipe; rather, they learned the science behind the dish, recipe or food. The show was entertaining, informative and addictive.

Chopped has become a favorite with Food Network fans. Featuring three judges, host Ted Allen and four challenger chefs, the food cooking competition is highly entertaining. The competing chefs must cook an appetizer, entrée and dessert based on a basket of secret ingredients. Each ingredient must be used and dishes are judged on taste, plating and creativity. Only one chef is the ultimate winner.

Alton Brown returns to Food Network with Chopped: Alton’s Challenge, photo from PRNewswire

This version of Chopped, Chopped: Alton’s Challenge, will have Alton Brown’s influence. The limited tournament will feature food science and food physics. Who knows if competitors will have to work with liquid nitrogen, agar agar or something else?

Using different cooking techniques could really stump the competitors. While crazy ingredients are a common theme in many cooking shows, cooking techniques and theories are a new twist. True, some chefs use these cooking techniques as time savers. But, requiring the cooking technique could throw some competitors for a loop.

The five part tournament debuts on Tuesday, October 10 on the Food Network. Alton Brown will judge along with a rotating group of Food Network chefs.

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Who will be chopped and who will prevail on

Chopped: Alton’s Challenge

. It may not be Good Eats but we can’t turn down a chance to see Alton Brown back on the Food Network.