How to throw a successful fantasy football draft party


As the NFL pre-season comes to a close, everyone is preparing Fantasy Football. Throwing a successful Fantasy Football Draft Party is easier than picking the right quarterback.

Before everyone starts talking about programs, stats and the logistics, this post is about the party itself. While everyone can debate on the league rules, the food, beverages and the ultimate league prize is my concern. No one can control who gets the best or worst draft picks. But, I can control the food and beverages for everyone attending.
How to throw a successful fantasy football draft party, photo by Cristine Struble
These Fantasy Football Draft Party tips are meant for the party. So even if you didn’t get Rodgers as your quarterback or you missed out on Dez Bryant too, at least the draft party will be a good start to the fantasy football season.

Food, and more food

No one wants to sit around a draft board and be hangry. Not hungry, but that other crabby, hungry version of himself. Plentiful amounts of food is a requirement.

In this type of scenario, easy bites are the best options. Chicken wings can make a good choice. Several plates of wings in different flavors are a good choice. Even though people’s fingers might get a little messy, chicken wings are classic football fare.

Instead of making tons of wings, let Buffalo Wild Wings fill the table. The chicken wing chain offers take-out of its award winning wings. Whether traditional or boneless, Buffalo Wild Wings choices are a great option for the draft party. Just remember to have plenty of napkins on hand.


While many people would love a frosty cold beer, a cooler just filled with beer isn’t a smart choice. No one wants the draft party to become a high temper explosion. Balance the non-alcoholic and alcoholic choices. Remember the one for one rule (one water for every alcoholic beverage) to keep the fun lasting longer.

Prize for the winner

Whether the fantasy football league meets every week or only for the fantasy football draft party, the ultimate winner deserves a prize. To achieve the ultimate, winning fantasy football team is no small feat. But, that prize doesn’t have to be a huge monetary investment. A banner, a crown or something specific for your league can work. If you’re looking for something bigger, maybe everyone buys the winner dinner. No matter what the prize will be, decide that item during the draft party. This way everyone has the prize in mind throughout the season.

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Are you ready for some football? A successful fantasy football draft party is within your grasp. A successful fantasy football season remains to be seen.