6 football tailgating beverages that score big with football fans


As football season approaches, football tailgating goes into high gear. These six football tailgating beverages will score big with all the football fans.

Before the first down is played, fans gather together to celebrate their favorite team. The tailgate is as much part of the football game experience as the game winning touchdown. Planning the tailgate is part experience and part creativity. Beverages are as important to the delicious food. These six football tailgating beverages will score a win every time.

In addition to this list of beverages, a few other beverages are essential. Water, lots of water, is a must. No one should get dehydrated during all the festivities. A good rule of thumb is one bottle of water for every alcoholic beverage. This ratio helps to keep everyone hydrated throughout the tailgate.


Bloody Mary

Often a tailgate begins in the morning, the Bloody Mary is the king of brunch cocktails. The tomato juice and vodka cocktail is popular with weekend and morning events. While a classic Bloody Mary is always a favorite, a twist on the classic is always fun.

Powell and Mahoney make an amazing Bloody Mary sriracha mix. Simply add vodka to the Powell and Mahoney cocktail mix. Serve over ice and garnish with your favorite accoutrements. Everyone has a favorite garnish, from pickles to asparagus to even a few shrimp. Just don’t go too overboard with the garnish. A Bloody Mary is a cocktail, it doesn’t need an entire entrée on the glass.

Local craft beer

Craft beers are popular football tailgating beverages. Many local breweries offer some delightful craft beers. From bold, hoppy IPAs to lighter lagers, one of those beers can be a great choice for football tailgating. Local craft beers can play off a favorite team, local landmark or local flavors. For example, Florida beers often incorporate local citrus into many of its beers. Local ties and local flavors can make the experience more entertaining. Often, local craft beers come in cans, which is perfect for tailgating too.

Signature Cocktail

While beer can be a football tailgating beverage staple, not everyone likes beer. A signature cocktail for the tailgate can be an entertaining idea. Some regions have a signature cocktail that is popular. Think hurricanes in New Orleans. Or another idea is to find a common thread using the two opposing teams. The idea is to be creative.

Also, use a beverage dispenser to have a larger batch of signature cocktail. Plus, a larger container keeps portions in check. A mis-pour of four parts liquor to one part mix can make for a long tailgating afternoon.

Alcoholic Sparkling Water

Sometimes beer can get a little heavy to drink. But, other beverages can be a little too sweet. Alcoholic sparkling water is a great alternative. These beverages are light and refreshing, yet have the same ABV as a typical light beer. Several companies offer alcoholic sparking water.

A personal favorite is Truly Spiked and Sparkling. This alcoholic sparkling water tastes quite refreshing on a warm day. Similar tasting to a regular sparkling water, it pairs well with almost any type of food. From a hearty barbecue to some light snacks, Truly Spiked and Sparkling is enjoyable buy guys and girls.

Many craft beer drinkers enjoy these types of alcoholic sparkling waters as a light alternative to craft beer. The lighter beverage is good choice for a long tailgating day. Have a few of these alcoholic sparkling waters in the cooler and see how people respond.

Canned wine

Tailgating isn’t just for the guys. Many women are tailgating right with the guys, but they may not want that bottle of beer. Luckily more and more wineries offer canned wine. Companies like Coppola Wine have several varietals of canned wine.

The wine tastes just the same as the wine from the bottle. The packaging format is just more convenient. No wine opener is necessary, too. Plus, individual servings can be an easier choice than a single bottle or a bigger box.

Bud Light announces 2017 NFL team cans (PRNewsfoto/Bud Light)

Light beer

While not everyone enjoys a light beer, this type of beer is an easy drinking choice for large groups. Light beer is exactly what it says, a light beverage. Some drinkers don’t like heavy, hoppy beers, A Light beer is an easy choice for large groups.

Also, Bud Light makes it easy for tailgating. The recently released NFL branded cans are perfect for any football tailgating party. Whether you want to fill the cooler with your favorite team or add a few cans of the opponent, the branded cans make for a fun tailgate. Even if you don’t like beer, you can always cook up a few brats with it.

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Who’s ready to tailgate? These football tailgating beverages will get everyone ready for the big game. We are ready for some football. Aren’t you?