Ruby chocolate: Rose colored chocolate becomes fourth chocolate type


The fourth type of chocolate has debuted. Ruby chocolate, a rose colored chocolate is as pretty as it is delicious.

For the past 80 years, chocolate has come in three flavors. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate have been the chocolate staples. Barry Callebaut debuted the fourth type of chocolate, Ruby chocolate. With its bold color, this newest chocolate could become a huge craze.

Rose all day has been a continual trend with foodies. From the classic rose wine to rose colored liquors, the pink hue has colored a foodie’s world. Millennials have been the driving force with this rose trend. Now, with the new fourth chocolate, rose colored chocolate can add to the rose trend. The belief is that the same consumer who enjoys rose colored beverages will flock to this new rose colored chocolate.

According to Barry Callebaut, this new reddish, rose colored chocolate has a very unique flavor profile. The taste is described as a cross between “berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.” The new chocolate’s flavor comes directly from the cocoa bean. No berry flavors, berries or color are added to this new chocolate.

Ruby chocolate: Rose colored chocolate becomes fourth chocolate type, photo from BusinessWire

This new chocolate comes from Ruby cocoa bean. According to Barry Callebaut, a leading chocolate producer, this new flavor profile took years to develop. Sourced from various world regions, this particular chocolate has particular attributes. Through an innovative process, Barry Callebaut was able to develop the cocoa bean’s full flavor potential in this new chocolate flavor.

Berry and chocolate have been a classic flavor combination. This naturally occurring blend in the Ruby cocoa bean is exciting for food fans and chefs. With this announcement, chocolate fans and bakers can start creating new and innovative chocolate dishes. From the simple piece of chocolate to a super indulgent dessert, the possibilities are many.

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Who’s excited for some rose chocolate? I’ve got my glass of rose waiting for Ruby chocolate.