Lord honey, Food Network Star winner Jason Smith’s new show


After winning this summer’s Food Network Star, Jason Smith reappears on the Food Network in the new show, Best Baker in America. Lord Honey, will you watch?

Ever since Bobby Flay announced the winner of this summer’s Food Network Star, everyone has waited for Jason Smith’s next appearance on the Food Network. Now, there is an answer. Kentucky’s favorite son, Jason Smith will be a judge on Best Baker in America. This baking competition could bring sweet success to one of these eight hopeful bakers.

According to the Food Network, Best Baker in America will test eight professional bakers in numerous baking challenges. Airing on September 27, the six week contest will test both technical and creative skills. Only one person will obtain the title.
Best Baker in America, photo from Food Network
This limited run baking competition will have the contestants face off in two challenge per episode. The first challenge will be a technical challenge. The second challenge will be a Master Challenge. The second challenge will focus on specific ingredients or flavors. With these two types of challenges, no one can hide or submitted a mediocre dish.

Having Jason Smith, the newest Food Network Star, on this show is a great fit. Before being crowned the “Star,” Smith won the Holiday Baking Championships. He knows how to bake. Plus, he understands how to blend his personality into his creative baking.

Food Network fans have fallen in love with Smith and his infamous sayings. The Country Bling chef and baker has a signature catch phrase, Lord Honey. The Southern gentlemen loves his bourbon, butter and bacon. We will have to wait and see how these favorites influence his judging style.

The balance of creativity and technicality is key for success in this show. The professional bakers should be able to handle the technical aspects, but the creativity can separate the contestants. Can one add some flair to the Master Challenges? That aspect could give someone an edge.

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Are you ready for a sweet treat? The new show, Best Baker in America, premiers on September 27. Who will be watching with us?