Eat more veggies: Kitchen hacks for easier vegetable kitchen prep


Mom always said to eat more veggies. But, the vegetable kitchen prep can be tiresome. These kitchen hacks make quick work of the vegetables.

From eat the rainbow to adding fiber, vegetables are a staple in everyone’s diets. But, peeling, chopping and preparing all those vegetables can be a cumbersome task. Sometimes that vegetable kitchen prep can make some people skip eating their veggies. Luckily, a few vegetable kitchen hacks can make help you eat more veggies.

Microplane’s Grip’n Strip, photo provided by Microplane

Grip’n Strip

Peeling vegetables can be cumbersome. Instead of using a knife, a sharp vegetable peeler is a kitchen essential. The new Microplane Grip’n Strip makes quick work of peeling vegetables and fruit. The wide circular shape is easy to grip and use. The super sharp blades, a Microplane staple, effortless slices through the vegetables.

The Grip’n Strip is the only kitchen tool that offers a round, multi-positional shape. The versatility helps the ease of use and the self-adjusting blades create better peeling results. The Grip’n Strip is available in two blade types, straight and serrated.

Grip’n Strip is available in three colors, black, red and green. The suggested retail price is around $8.

Veggie Wedgie

Chopping vegetables can be tiresome. Sometimes you just want to eat, not prep. The Veggie Wedgie makes six uniform sticks with just a push. While professional chefs have amazing knife skills, the home cook may not have chopped thousands of pounds of vegetables.

Microplane’s Veggie Wedgie makes vegetable prep easy. Simply, place the vegetable into the Veggie Wedgie and push. Carrot sticks, cucumbers wedges and even potato sticks are easy to make. No more excuses for not wanting to prep vegetables.

The Veggie Wedgie by Microplane retails for approximately $13 at various retailers.

SwiftStrip, photo provided by Microplane


Kale and other leafy greens offer great nutrition. But, prepping those leafy greens can be cumbersome. Microplane’s SwiftStrip efficiently strips those leafy greens. With different sized holes and a curved shape, the SwiftStrip pulls the greens off the stems. From kale to delicate herbs, this multi-use kitchen tool is a kitchen essential.

Also, the blade edge is very sharp. The SwiftStrip blade can effortless cut and trim herbs and stems. The strong stainless steel tool provides leverage without concern about breaking the tool.

The Microplane SwiftStrip will be available at Sur La Tab and other retailers. The suggested retail price is $10.

Green Giant Vegetable Spirals, photo provided by BusinessWire

Green Giant Vegetable Spirals

For people who prefer to heat and serve, Green Giant has a great solution. The new Green Giant Vegetable Spirals have three versions of vegetable “noodles.” These all vegetable noodles come in three flavors, zucchini, carrots and butternut squash.

Vegetable noodles, or zoodles, have become very popular. But, some people don’t want to do the kitchen prep. With these this heat and serve option, more people can easily add additional vegetables to their dishes.

Green Giant Vegetable Spirals are just one of many Green Giant vegetable options. From veggie tots to mashed cauliflower, these convenient vegetables are great for busy lifestyles. The products are available at various retailers.

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Listen to your mom and eat your veggies. With these kitchen hacks for easier vegetable kitchen prep, you don’t have any more excuses.