Cold-pressed espresso, Starbucks’ newest cold coffee beverage


The cold brew coffee trend is here to stay. Starbuck’s newest cold coffee beverage, cold-pressed espresso captures Starbucks’ commitment to coffee innovation.

Coffee is big business. From the super sweet frozen concoctions to the plain cup of joe, consumers spend big bucks on their coffee fixation. But, people are always looking for something new. Invention is part of the coffee market and Starbucks’ leads the innovation market. Their new cold coffee beverage, cold-pressed espresso should bring in coffee fans.

Cold brewed coffee is different than traditionally brewed coffee. By using cold water and a longer brew time, the resulting cold brew coffee tastes less bitter. The full bodied flavor coffee flavor is quite pronounced. The beverage doesn’t need extra sugars, cream or other additions. The flavor is intense yet quite enjoyable.

This new cold coffee beverage is created by the company’s new system. According to Starbucks, “the new Aqua Tamp Technology™ uses an ascending flow filtration system that is pressurized by cold water.” The flavor is to have the classic intense espresso beverage with a smoother, sweeter taste.
According to Starbucks, the new cold coffee beverage menu, featuring cold-pressed coffee, will include:

"• Sparkling Cold-Pressed Americano: A shot of cold-pressed espresso poured over sparkling water, served on ice.• Cold-Pressed Americano Exploration Flight: A tasting flight featuring one Cold-Pressed Americano, one traditional Iced Americano, and one Sparkling Cold-Pressed Americano.• Cold-Pressed Ginger Fizz: Crisp, refreshing ginger ale infused with a shot of cold-pressed espresso, poured over barrel-aged vanilla syrup. Finished with grapefruit bitters."

These new cold coffee beverages show that consumers want more cold coffee beverages. The cold coffee trend isn’t limited to warmer weather or warm climates. Just take a look at the local Starbucks and its customers. More and more people are purchasing cold beverages.

The cold-pressed coffee trend even extend to the home market. While consumers enjoy these beverages at their favorite establishments, they also want to enjoy the same beverages at home. KitchenAid has a cold brew coffee machine that is extremely popular. A cold-brew espresso machine could be next on the holiday wish list.

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Will you join the next coffee trend of cold-pressed espresso? It might become your new favorite cold coffee beverage.