Sweeter school pride with SweeTARTS & Butterfinger college-themed candy


School pride is on the line. Cheer on your favorite team with college-themed candy from SweeTARTS Gummies and Butterfinger.

Collegiate ties are very strong. From Hook ‘em Horns to the Razorbacks, team colors fly high during college football and basketball season. But, school pride isn’t left on the gridiron or the court. With SweeTARTS Gummies and Butterfinger college-themed candy, school pride just got sweeter.

For the second year, SweeTARTS kicks off the college sports season with its Limited-edition, officially licensed SweeTARTS Gummies, The gummy version of the classic tart and tangy candy has become a favorite with candy lovers. Gummy candies are one of the most popular candy sectors. Adding the classic SweeTART flavor to the gummy texture, the classic candy gained more fans.

The college-themed SweeTARTS Gummies feature shapes referencing the college. For example, Florida features a gator and Texas features the longhorn. The gummies have a variety of fruit flavors and two different shapes.

The new addition of Butterfinger is huge win for chocolate lovers. This year is the first time that Butterfinger will offer this college edition special offering. The college branding will appear on the packaging.

This college-themed candy is a great expansion for the Nestle Company. College pride runs deep. Those four years create a bond with friends, alumnae and fans of the universities. From a bowl of candy on your desk to the dessert for a college tailgate, these candies have an instant fan base.

Available for a total of ten colleges, this limited edition candy embodies school spirit. The schools available in this limited edition candy are “University of Michigan, University of Arizona, University of Oregon, University of Georgia and University of Florida, The University of Texas, The Ohio State University, University of Tennessee, University of California, Los Angeles and University of Arkansas.”

These school spirit SweeTARTS Gummies and Butterfinger candies are available at college stadiums and bookstores at the participating universities. Other regional stores should carry the candies. These candies will be available through December 2017.

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What’s sweeter than your college big victory in the game? A college-themed candy from SweeTARTS Gummies and Butterfinger, of course.