Forget talk like a pirate, how about drink like a pirate


International Talk Like a Pirate Day is a great excuse to celebrate pirates. But, why just talk? Let’s drink like a pirate.

From real life swashbucklers to fictional tales, pirates are part of popular culture. Over the years, pirates have become even more popular. The annual Talk Like A Pirate Day is just one fun way to celebrate the iconic pirate. But, drink like a pirate doesn’t have to happen only on a pirate holiday.

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Drinking like a pirate doesn’t have to be a cumbersome task. This list of five pirate inspired drinks can have everyone saying aye matey.


When someone thinks of a pirate drink, grog usually comes to mind. But, can you go to your local liquor store and buy a bottle of grog? Well, the answer isn’t quite so clear.

Grog often refers to a combination of rum and water. Today, some types of grog are warm versions of rum and water with lemon, sugar and sometimes spices. The citrus is a key ingredient because citrus fights off scurvy. And, everyone knows that pirates don’t want scurvy.

So if you’re wanting a glass of grog for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, here’s a recipe from The Drink Blog to drink like a pirate.

"Grog, by The Drink BlogIngredients1 oz. lime juice1 oz. brown sugar1 oz. dark rum4 oz. waterGlass type: Old-fashionedInstructions1.Add the brown sugar to your shaker, add in a splash of warm water (1 oz.) to dissolve the sugar and add lime juice.2.Put in rum, rest of the water and ice.3.Shake.4.Pour over smashed ice.5.Serve.6.Now it do be time to talk like a pirate."

Mai Tai

One of the classic rum cocktails is a Mai Tai. The first Mai Tai is credited to Trader Vics. This classic cocktail has had a few variations since its debut in 1944. A quick search can produce hundreds of versions of this cocktail.

Personally, I like a version by The Cocktail Couple. Their recipe is simple, yet always tastes great. Who’s ready to shake one up with me?

"Mai Tai by the Cocktail CoupleMakes 1 cocktail3 parts rum2 parts pineapple juice1 part orange juicesplash of cherry juicePour the rum in the glass with ice. And then mixed the juices together and add it to the rum."

Pirate Punch

A big bowl of fruity, cocktails can be alluring. But, don’t let all that fruit and pretty color fool you. Punch, specifically Pirate Punch, can knock you off that plank. This pirate themed cocktail is a hearty, boozy drink.

Pirate Punch recipes can be found all over. While some of the ingredients change, the basics are similar. Basically, this punch is filled with multiple types of rum.

The best recipe that I’ve found is the Pirate Punch by Drinks Mixer. While you might not taste the alcohol, be aware of the potency. More than one could have you on the floor.

"Pirate Punch by Drinks Mixer – Makes 1 serving3/4 oz light rum3/4 oz dark rum3/4 oz coconut rum3/4 oz 151 proof rumsplash of Blue Curacao liqueursplash of DeKuyper® Sour Apple Pucker schnappssplash of peach liqueursplash of orange juicesplash of 7-Up® soda2 wedges limesYell “PIRATE PUNCH!” Start with a tall glass fill with ice, pour all at once (Light Rum, Dark Rum, Coconut Rum, & 151), then together splash (Blue Caracao, Sour Apple, & Peach), next add OJ and 7up/Sprite, garnish with 2 squeezed lime wedges."

Open a pirate themed beer

With so many craft beer companies, pirate theme beers are plentiful. Beer Advocate has a long list of pirate themed beers. But, one beer seems to be everyone’s favorite, Piraat.

Piraat is Belgium strong pale ale. The beer is quite strong with over a 10% ABV. With a golden color and slightly spiced fruit flavor, a pirate could sip this beer to ward off the dreaded scurvy. This beer is meant to be sipped, not chugged.

Piraat is available at various locations. Check with your local store or distributor.

Sip a pirate themed wine

Pull out the cork and decant a pirate themed wine to drink like a pirate. While sangria was probably the primary type of pirate wine (fruit and scurvy theme), pirate themed wine is a reality. Looking around the local wine story, many wines seem to have a pirate influence. From the label art to the name, finding a pirate themed wine isn’t too difficult.

One pirate themed wine that is quite approachable for all types of wine drinkers is Pirate TreasuRED. This red blend features seven different red varietals. The wine is drinkable on its own or pairs well with red meats, pasta and even burgers. By blending the various wines, this pirate themed wine has a wide appeal and veracity.

Pirate TreasuRED is distributed by La Sirena and can be purchased at various locations.

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Unleash your inner pirate. While you talk like a pirate, drink like a pirate. Just don’t walk the plank or steer your ship after a few pirate drinks.