Aldi wine: Has it replaced Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck?


Aldi’s wine department is a hot seller. From reasonably priced bottles to advent wine calendars, Aldi’s wine department has kicked Two Buck Chuck to the curb.

Wine drinkers come in all types. From the ultimate wine snob to the casual drinker, wine is an immensely popular beverage. While some people can afford expensive bottles of the best vino, the normal wine drinker might prefer a reasonably priced alternative. Aldi’s wine department has cornered the reasonably priced wine market.

Some of us remember the huge popularity of Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck. While this nickname wasn’t the actual wine’s name, the phrase became synonymous with reasonably priced, good tasting wine. Trader Joe’s wine sales skyrocketed on the back of Charles Shaw wine. Everyone was buying the reasonably priced wine by the case.

While not exactly a two dollar bottle of wine, the reasonably priced wine had the casual wine drinker feel better about opening a bottle or two on a week night. Drinking wine became a regular occurrence instead of a big production. The lower price helped people feel less guilty about opening a bottle, even just for themselves.

Recently, Aldi has been the hot store for wine buyers. Over the summer, the reasonably priced, highly rated Rose was sold out quickly. Consumers see Aldi’s wines as a good value. Reasonably priced and quite drinkable, the wine shelves at Aldi are often a little sparse.

From the wine of the month to special picks, the wine on Aldi’s shelves is often quite good. A quick review of the wine points show that these options are well ranked in the wine world. While the vineyards may not be household names, the wine in the bottle is worth a try.

For the holidays, the Aldi Advent Wine Calendar is set to be another huge hit. Even before the Wine Advent Calendar hits the stores, people are eagerly anticipating the release. While this wine advent calendar won’t be sold in US stores, consumers could make their own version using the great wine choices already at Aldi. For under $100, everyone could make a personalized Aldi Wine Advent Calendar.

The focus on wine is a smart choice for the growing grocery store chain. Aldi is looking to expand its reach throughout the US. With its cost-conscious prices, organic food and gluten free choices, Aldi is poised to be a force in the food industry.

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Next time you are looking for a new wine to try, check out Aldi wine. Your wallet and your wine glass will be happy. Just don’t forget your quarter for the cart.