Caffeinated cocktails: 5 coffee cocktails with robust coffee flavor


Many people start the day with a cup of coffee. Why not keep that coffee flowing with these five coffee cocktails.

Coffee doesn’t have to be drunk at one specific time of day. The popularity of iced coffee beverages show that coffee is an anytime drink. It makes sense that coffee cocktails would be the logical next step.

While coffee cocktails aren’t necessarily new, these caffeinated cocktails are more than just coffee and liquor. The robust coffee flavor is infused in the cocktail. With carefully crafted ingredients, these cocktails are perfect for the coffee lover.

Ready to get your caffeine fix?

5 coffee cocktails for any occasion

Take That Dark & Stormy, coffee cocktail, photo provided by Evins Communications

Take That, Dark & Stormy

Coffee flavor doesn’t have to come from just coffee. Coffee infused spirits add that coffee flavor to any cocktail. The espresso infused Sugar Island Spiced Rum has the robust coffee flavor in the rum itself. The sweetness of the espresso rum and the spice from the ginger beer make this cocktail refreshing.


"Take That, Dark & StormyCreated by Masa Urushido of Saxon + Parole2 parts espresso-infused Sugar Island Spiced Rum*½ part ginger beer½ part fresh lime juiceCandied ginger for garnishShake espresso or coffee-infused Sugar Island Spiced Rum and lime juice over ice and strain into a Collins glass. Top with ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wheel and candied ginger.*Espresso-infused spiced rum: Mix ¼ cup of ground espresso or coffee with room temperature Sugar Island Spiced Rum. Let the mixture soak for 30 minutes. Strain and set aside."

Rum Java Float, coffee cocktail, photo provided by Evins Communications

Rum Java Float

Who said that you have to eat your dessert? This coffee cocktail is a cocktail and dessert in one. The big kid in all of us can enjoy an adult version of a classic float. With the on trend cold brew coffee, this cocktail is treat that isn’t overly sweet.
Who’s ready for dessert?

"Rum Java Float2 parts Sugar Island Spiced Rum2 ½ parts Cold Brew Coffee½ part Orgeat SyrupVanilla Ice CreamShake rum, orgeat, coffee together and strain into a highball with ice. Top with a scoop of ice cream."

Maker’s Mark, Kentucky Cold Brew, photo from Evins Communications

Kentucky Cold Brew

Continuing the cold brew theme, the Kentucky Cold Brew cocktail is for the bourbon fan. While this recipe uses a cold brew concentrate, regular cold brew could be used too. The ratios would have to be modified some.

The coffee in this cocktail balances the earthiness of the bourbon. It could be considered an afternoon sipper or an after dinner drink. It is a lighter alternative to a traditional coffee and liquor.

"Kentucky Cold Brew1 ½ parts Maker’s Mark® Bourbon¼ part Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate (Chef Newman uses Harden coffee, which is house roasted 15 miles from restaurant)Mexican Coke, as neededLemon Peel, for garnishBuild coffee and Maker’s Mark® Bourbon in a rocks or highball glass. Add ice and stir gently. Top with Mexican cola and finish with oil from a strip of lemon peel."

Tres Agaves Mexican Café, photo provided by Evins Communications

Mexican Café

Coffee and liqueurs have been a classic combination. But, some people aren’t fans of the traditional liqueurs. This Mexican inspired coffee cocktail blends Mexican flavors with the always popular tequila.

The orange garnish for this cocktail adds some brightness to offset the sweet flavors from the sweetened coffee. Since illy coffee has some fruit flavors, the complementing orange is a smart choice.


"Mexican CaféDress up your typical cup of Joe by adding some artisanal tequila to it.1 1/2 parts Tres Agaves Blanco Tequila1 1/4 parts Illy canned sweetened coffee1/4 part Coffee HerringOrange slice for garnishCombine all ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake and strain in to a glass coffee mug and garnish with an orange slice."

South African Sweetie, Amarula, photo provided by Evins Communications

South African Sweetie

Amarula is a favorite liqueur in our home. Remembering a trip of a lifetime to South Africa, the cream liqueur from the Marula fruit brings the flavors of African back. Similar to the mid-afternoon coffee sipped on safari, this coffee cocktail is warm hug on a chilly fall day.

While elephants aren’t included, the flavor will have you dreaming of an African safari.

"South African SweetieThis enhanced mocha is enjoyed South African-style, with a dash of Marula fruit cream liqueur added to it.1 ½ parts Amarula Cream Liqueur1 standard cup of strong filter coffee1 part whipped cream4 marshmallows1 teaspoon brown sugar3/4 part hot chocolate powderPour hot coffee in a large wine glass, add Amarula Cream Liqueur, followed by whipped cream, brown sugar and marshmallows. Sprinkle with hot chocolate powder and add an extra dash of Amarula Cream Liqueur if desired."