Bake It Forward: Using a sweet treats to raise awareness


Sometimes a sweet treat can bring a much needed smile. With Bake It Forward, a simple cookie can raise awareness for cancer research.

Often food events help to raise awareness and funds for important campaigns. Share Our Strength has been a leader in these types of campaigns. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. While many people show support by wearing pink, walking in solidarity and other relevant endeavors, Bake It Forward uses recipes and pictures to bring awareness and positivity to the cause.

Bake It Forward, photo provided by Bake It Forward

Started by two sisters who were determined to find a cure for Metastatic Breast Cancer, the five year long campaign has grown over the years. What started with just a few people grew to a huge social media campaign. Now, many people are sharing these special recipes, pictures and good will for women across the nation.

Although Bake It Forward is a fundraising campaign, there is a bigger idea behind this concept. Bringing people together in the kitchen, around a recipe or to share a sweet treat creates an event. The event creates a lasting memory. In hard times, that memory can bring a moment of serenity.

Bake It Forward, photo provided by Bake It Forward

Many people believe that food can bring back special memories. Who hasn’t had the bite that transports her back to grandma’s table? The flavor, texture and bite are ingrained in the memory. We crave that bite and a return to that memory.
In this particular scenario, the Bake It Forward campaign wants to bring a moment of happiness in a moment of despair. Having several family members who have battled and who are battling cancer, happy moments are truly cherished. Every moment counts. If a sweet treat can bring a smile, even for a moment, that moment is worth more than its weight in gold.

Anyone who would like to join this campaign or wants to see how others have joined the effort can visit the Bake It Forward website. The website offers special recipes designed for this campaign. Even if you don’t bake, take a moment to support others who have.

If you have ever had a special food memory, don’t let that moment slip away. Like those people joining in the Bake It Forward movement, cherish and share those moments with others.