Spooky cookies: Which cookie shape is scariest for Halloween?


With Halloween in just a few days, Halloween candy and cookies are everywhere. But which spooky cookies are the most popular at Halloween parties?

Halloween is both spooky and sweet. Sugar-filled goodies fill the table and goodie bags. Certain symbols, shapes and themes are prominent for Halloween. Pumpkins, skulls and scary creatures are all around. But, which spooky cookies are the best choices for Halloween parties?
Spooky cookies: Halloween cookie shapes, photo provided by Tovolo
Spooky cookies need to be visually appealing yet not too difficult to make. Very few home bakers have the time, patience or talent as a professional baker. Cookie cutters can make cute cookie shapes while making decorating easy.

Having had the opportunity to try many types of cookie cutters, my preferred cookie cutter is the Tovolo cookie cutters. Available in shapes like skulls, pumpkins and other Halloween shapes, the imprinted designs make for the easiest decorating.
Spooky cookies: Halloween cookie shapes, photo provided by Tovolo
While Tovolo has several fun Halloween designs, the skull cookie cutters are my favorite. These intricate designs allow for the most creativity. With a few tubs of colored frosting, these spooky cookies can be like a work of art. From scary, black and white skulls to bright, colorful day of the dead skulls, these spooky cookies will become a huge hit with everyone.
Spooky cookies: Halloween cookie shapes, photo provided by Tovolo
For a classic fall look, the pumpkin cookie cutters work for the entire fall. Even though the jack-o-laterns will only last for a few days, these pumpkin cookie cutters would make for a fun Thanksgiving dessert too. Pumpkins aren’t just for October.

The only thing missing to make the perfect spooky Halloween cookie is the cookie dough. A quick search can find a long list of “best” sugar cookie recipes. Everyone has a preferred cookie recipe that is either grandma’s favorite or tried and tested. In a pinch, packaged or a cookie mix works well. Even a refrigerated cookie dough is a great option (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that you didn’t make it from scratch).

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Truthfully, the best part of having spooky Halloween cookies is decorating them. Even if these cookies aren’t picture perfect, the making experience is part of the fun. Truthfully, as long as the cookies taste great, that’s all that matters.

Will you be making some spooky cookies for Halloween? What’s your preferred shape? As long as the cookies are homemade, I would be happy to eat them.