Five random Thanksgiving facts that you may not know


As people start to prepare for their annual Thanksgiving feast, the annual random Thanksgiving facts lists are published. Which fact will you share at Thanksgiving dinner?

Bringing together family and friends around the Thanksgiving table can either be a huge success or a recipe for disaster. When dinner conversation takes a lull, what can you talk about? While politics and Hollywood scandals could cause a huge discord, random Thanksgiving facts could be your saving grace.

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According to a recent study by Shopkickers, more people prefer to cook their own Thanksgiving feast than joining family members around the table. For those in the minority, a few witty topics can help you avoid the uncomfortable silence or the incessant prodding.

Here are five random Thanksgiving facts to keep the table conversation going.

1. Oven over fryer
The majority of Thanksgiving dinners feature a roasted turkey from the oven over a fried turkey. Every year another huge story will be a person who miscalculated the oil versus turkey ratio, which causes a turkey explosion. Roasting in the oven is an easier option. Just remember to thaw your turkey correctly and cook the turkey to the right temperature.

2. Stuffing is the favorite side
Sometimes the side dishes are more important than the turkey itself. Who hasn’t filled their plate with mashed potatoes, green beans and stuffing? Did you know that stuffing is hands down every state’s favorite side dish except for Arizona? If you’re from Arizona, mashed potatoes are preferred to stuffing. Who knows what type of stuffing, homemade or from a box, is preferred. Just make sure that your Thanksgiving feast doesn’t forget the stuffing.

3. Wine before the bird
Cooking a turkey, side dishes and everything else for Thanksgiving can be stressful. Most people prefer to have a glass of wine before sitting down to the Thanksgiving meal. Skip the cranberry sauce and focus on the grapes. A glass of wine before the big meal can calm your nerves and maybe make dinner conversation less cumbersome. Just remember, it is one glass of wine, not the bottle.

4. You spent how much?
On average, a Thanksgiving dinner costs under $100. Luckily many stores have great deals leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday. Usually, people make two trips to complete all the Thanksgiving shopping. Hopefully, they don’t wait till the last minute to buy the frozen turkey.

5. Make the pie, buy the whipped topping
Of course, the Thanksgiving feast isn’t complete without dessert. Generally, people prefer to have homemade pie on the dessert table. From the classic pumpkin to the traditional pecan, someone made that pie. But, the homemade part stops there. Whatever tops the pie, Cool Whip or whipped cream, comes from the store. Why spend more time in the kitchen when a spoon or a squirt is available. Granted making whipped cream isn’t too hard. Still, maybe some people like the taste of Cool Whip.

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These few random Thanksgiving facts can help you out of any faltering Thanksgiving conversation. While people may not be impressed with your Jeopardy worthy knowledge, you won’t be suffering in silence.