Make leftovers great again with the ‘Thanksgiving Sandwich’


In my household, the only day better than Thanksgiving was the day after Thanksgiving. No, I’m not talking about “Black Friday,” I’m talking about the decadent sandwich derived from the leftovers, the Thanksgiving Sandwich.

Growing up the son of a former chef, you’ll learn to get creative in the kitchen over the years. Perhaps the best skill I’ve learned from my father is how to make greatness out of nothing. In this post I’ll teach you how to make the one and only thing better than a Thanksgiving dinner, and that’s Bill Bologna Sr.’s famous Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich.

Make no mistake, this monstrosity may be labeled as a sandwich, though a fork and knife will most likely be needed. Consider this more of a ‘hot-open’ sandwich. Luckily, preparation is quick and easy; and the end result will be a masterpiece.

To make this dish, all you’ll need are your Thanksgiving leftovers, two slices of white bread and your microwave.

Simply lay two slices of bread onto your plate and throw some turkey on them. Next, fatten that thing up with some stuffing and mashed potatoes. After that, you can throw some of your leftover cranberry sauce in there too; this sandwich doesn’t discriminate, all holiday leftovers are welcomed. Now of course, we all know that the staple to a great Thanksgiving meal is the gravy. The same applies to your sandwich; lather that stuff right on.

At this point, you’ve got the base of your sandwich built and ready to go. The great thing about food is that anybody can do whatever they please, so feel free to add whichever other leftovers you please; usually throwing a vegetable in there is a good idea.

Now, all that’s left to do is throw that bad boy in the microwave for a few minutes and you’re good to go. As previously mentioned, this sandwich can be a bit of a hot mess, so the fork and knife approach will prove to be the easiest. Make no mistake, once you’ve experienced this post-Thanksgiving delicacy, you’ll never look at leftovers the same way again.

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Don’t let those leftovers go to waste. The ultimate Thanksgiving sandwich recipe is another reason to enjoy the flavors of the holiday feast again.