Wafflewich: Why haven’t you tried a waffle sandwich?


Sandwiches don’t have to use just bread. With a wafflewich, a waffle sandwich, you can enjoy a sweet and savory treat.

Waffles are a favorite food. Young and old enjoy the honeycomb patterned waffle. From scratch made Belgium waffles to a frozen Eggo, just about everyone has had at least one waffle in her life. But, why do waffles only have to be served with syrup. A wafflewich can be a sweet and savory treat served any time of day.

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Simply defined, a wafflewich is a waffle sandwich. Basically, most sandwiches could substitute bread for a waffle. While I wouldn’t recommend a waffle-tuna sandwich, many other combinations are quite yummy. The juxtaposition of sweet and savory make for a satisfying bite.

A simple way to jump on this waffle sandwich idea is a breakfast sandwich. Instead of the toast or English muffin substitute a waffle. Eggs, served your way, cheese, sausage or bacon paired with a sweet waffle is a great way to start the day. The balance of salty, sweet and crunchy might be a breakfast that becomes a favorite.

Breakfast Brat, photo from PRNewswire

But, breakfast isn’t the only time to serve up a wafflewich. Lunch or dinner works as well. Just look at the NFL Stadium’s all day brunch menus for some at home inspiration. The Breakfast Brat sandwich has the brat with its toppings served on a Belgian waffle. For a more creative menu item, the Prokopolis Waffle incorporates pork tenderloin. This option shows the waffle’s versatility for all types of sandwiches.

Other combinations work well, too. A simple grilled cheese is a great idea. Basically, a balance of salty and sweet is the ideal combination. This combination is the flavoring that makes chicken and waffles so craveable.

For the more adventurous, savory waffles, made from scratch, expand the flavor combinations. A jalapeno waffle with thinly cut pieces of flank steak and avocado slices would be delicious savory dinner. Basically, you are substituting a plain corn tortilla for a waffle. It makes sense. Plus, it is on a waffle which makes it really fun.

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Are you ready to make your own wafflewich? What combination will you make? Share your thoughts in the comments section.