Top Chef Season 15 episode 1 live stream: Watch online


Top Chef Season 15 is finally here. What will the group of cheftestants bring to the kitchen?

Top Chef Season 15 heads to Colorado for the new season. Usually the location plays a major role in each season. With Colorado as the Season 15 backdrop, the new season of Top Chef could be quite entertaining. Will the mountains, skiing or even some local craft breweries influence the chef’s creativity?

According to Bravo, the first episode of Top Chef Season 15 features the following:

"A diverse group of chefs enter the Top Chef kitchen in Denver and are immediately put to work, tasked with making a pot luck dish to introduce themselves to the judges and their fellow competitors. Then the cheftestants prepare their modern take on a meat and potatoes dish for a blow-out block party in Larimer Square with 200 diners and Denver’s biggest culinary names, including Hosea Rosenberg, Troy Guard, Frank Bonanno and Gregory Gourdet. The chefs learn the importance of the phrase ‘first impressions are everything."

Truthfully, the first episode of any Top Chef season isn’t too telling. With so many chefs in the kitchen, no one can get a clear picture of a potential winner or just another cheftestant. Of course, this season is filled with James Beard award winners, Food and Wine winners and numerous other accolades. Still, those awards don’t necessarily guarantee success in Top Chef.

This type of cooking competition isn’t like cooking in their restaurant or kitchen. There is a learning curve for any chef in this cooking competition show. Cooking in a new environment, cooking under time constraints and cooking with specific ingredients can cause even the most accomplished chef to underperform.

Looking at the first episode, any chef that is featured will be in the top or the bottom. If a chef gets to tell a lot of his/her back story or has lots of cooking shots will have an amazing dish or a dish that makes the judges cringe. The middle chefs wouldn’t get a lot of camera time. It’s the nature of the first couple of episodes. There are too many people for the middle chefs to be featured.

Do you think that you could guess the eventual Top Chef Season 15 winner from episode 1? Here’s how to watch this first episode.

Date: Thursday, December 7
Start Time: 10 p.m. ET
Episode: “It’ll take more than potluck”
TV Channel: Bravo
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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