Cheetos Winter White Cheddar Curls, Do The Curl with USA Curling


While you’re chanting for Team U.S.A. during the Winter Olympics, grab a bowl of Cheetos Winter White Cheddar Curls and Do The Curl.

Cheetos fans are loyal. When new Cheetos flavors are announced, fans line up to try the latest offering. To celebrate Team USA, USA Curling and the Winter Olympics, Cheetos is releasing new Cheetos Winter White Cheddar. This limited release flavor supports USA Curling.

The iconic snack brand tends to keep its personality and snacking persona light-hearted. From last year’s Spotted Cheetah pop-up restaurant to the Flamin’ Hot Mac n’ Cheese bites, the brand looks for new amusing ways to evolve. This newest limited edition flavor isn’t just a smart flavor choice for winter, it also spotlights one of Team USA’s often overlooked sports curling.

Limited edition Cheetos Winter White Cheddar Curls, photo from PRNewsire

The new Winter White Cheddar Curls should have the same bold, cheesy goodness as a traditional Cheetos snack. The biggest difference will be the lack of finger staining Cheetos dust after eating a bowl. Also, this limited edition flavor is a puff curl, which some fans really enjoy.

Looking at the packaging, Chester Cheetah is ready to hit the sheet for his chance at curling. Donned in a red, white and blue scarf, Chester has the curling equipment ready. Will these limited edition Winter White Cheddar curls fuel him, and Team USA, to victory? Maybe if everyone learns “Do The Curl” the support will be overwhelming.

limited-edition Cheetos Winter White Cheddar Curls, photo from PRNewswire

To announced this limited edition Winter White Cheddar Curls flavor, Frito-Lay and Cheetos partnered with singer, Todrick Hall and pro football friends Vernon Davis and LaDainian Tomlinson to create the ultimate USA Curling celebration dance, “The Curl.” While many sports have perfected the celebration dance, USA Curling could benefit from some extra celebratory coaching. This dance and video is a fun way to get behind USA Curling and Team USA before the start of the Winter Olympics.

Will USA Curling sweep the competition at the Winter Olympics? Everyone will have to tune in this February to find out. Until then, grab a bag of Cheetos Winter White Cheddar Curls and learn to Do The Curl. Don’t wait too long, like the Winter Olympics, the limited edition flavor will be gone before you know it.