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Time to break into a polka. Top Chef Season 15 episode 6 has the chefs tackling German food. Will they be saying Prost or auf wiedersehen?

After glamping, the Top Chef contestants could use a cold beer. In Top Chef Season 15 episode 6, the chefs take on German food. What’s better than an ice cold German beer and a flavorful German meal? Who’s ready to raise their stein?

Top Chef Season 15 episode 6 photo from Bravo

According to Bravo, the synopsis for Top Chef Season 15 episode 6 states:

"For the Quickfire, Padma and Richard Blais inspire the chefs using Tasty online videos and challenge them to transform the most laborious dishes from their own menus into accessible thirty minute dishes for home cooks. Then, celebrated German chef, Keegan Gerhard, exposes the chefs to authentic Germanic food and tasks them with creating a delicious and unique Top Chef Beer Garden by putting their own spin on the cuisine and pairing a German-inspired dish with a radler. Who will be saying auf wiedersehen?"

Creating a dish around a radler can be a little tricky. A radler is part German beer and part lemonade (or fruit soda). The beer is generally lighter than a lager, but the lemonade can make the drink rather tart. Depending on the lemonade or fruit soda used, the chefs could have some difficulty in this challenge.

The other question with this challenge will be who can make their dish stand out in the limiting theme. The judges won’t want to taste the same pork, sausage or even schnitzel dish from every chef. The chef who can find a way to incorporate German flavors into an unusual creation should have an advantage.

Also, any dish shouldn’t be too heavy. Sure a few carb forward dishes are great when drinking beer (who hasn’t chowed on pretzels at a beer festival). But, dish after dish of carb heavy dishes can make for unhappy judges.

Are you ready to watch this week’s episode? Here’s how.

Date: Thursday, January 11
Start Time: 10 p.m. ET
Episode: “Now That’s Lot of Schnitzel”
TV Channel: Bravo
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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