How many chicken wings will be eaten during the Super Bowl?


Move over chips, pizza and guacamole. Chicken wings are Super Bowl favorites, but how many chicken wings will be eaten during the Super Bowl.

Whether you want the Eagles to fly to victory or the Patriots to steamroll to another victory, one important factor for any Super Bowl watching party is the food. Chicken wings are always a popular choice for a Super Bowl party. With that immense popularity, do you know just how many chicken wings will be eaten on Super Bowl Sunday?

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According to the National Chicken Council, the Chicken Wing Report projects that 1.35 billion wings will be eaten during the Super Bowl weekend. That number seems huge. To really understand just how many wings that number represents, here are a few examples.

"• If 1.35 billion wings were laid end to end along Interstate 95, they would stretch from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. almost 250 times.• That is enough wings to put 625 wings on every seat in all 32 NFL stadiums.• 1.35 billion wings are enough to circle the Earth three times.• That’s 394 million feet of chicken wings – enough that a chicken could cross the road 13 million times."

Let’s think about these particular visuals. Could even 635 wings fit on a stadium seat? That situation might not even be physically possibly.

At last year’s US Chicken Wing Eating Championship, Joey Chestnut ate 220. At that pace, he would only put a dent in a third of the wings on the stadium seat. If an eating champion can’t tackle that amount of wings, who could? What about the average person?

Based on various party/food calculators, the average person eats about six wings as an appetizer. Usually, two wings are a serving. That pile of wings on a stadium seat is approximately 312 servings of wings. One seat could feed about 150 people.

Granted the average Super Bowl party isn’t going to serve this large amount of wings. But, the visual is quite astounding. Most likely, the majority of parties will have wings on the menu. From traditional bone-in wings to creative flavors, wings have become a football watching staple.

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Are you serving chicken wings at your Super Bowl party?