Fly Eagles fly, Super Bowl foods perfect for Eagles fans


Can the Philadelphia Eagles soar to a Super Bowl victory? With these Super Bowl foods, Philadelphia fans will be having a great time no matter the score.

The excitement builds as the Super Bowl is almost here. For Philadelphia Eagles fans, a victory in the big game would be the ultimate end to a tumultuous season. Regardless of the scoreboard, Eagles fans can make the Super Bowl experience an epic one with these Super Bowl foods.

Philadelphia fans have some delicious options for Super Bowl foods. Besides the cheesesteak, the Super Bowl party can be a food extravaganza. Sweet, salty and savory treats can make a complete menu.

Here are FoodSided’s recommendations for Eagle fans approved Super Bowl foods.

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Everyone knows that the cheesesteak is the classic Philadelphia food. While locals have their preferred cheesesteak, anyone can make this dish at home. A good roll can make a huge difference. Make sure that it is sturdy enough to hold all the steak and cheese.

Also, make a cheese stand. Some people say that a true Philly cheesesteak only has cheese whiz. If that’s how you want to serve it, don’t offer other options. The Super Bowl party host shouldn’t be a short order cook. Tell everyone to whiz it up.

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Did you know that the American pretzel originated in Southern Pennsylvania? Make sure that you have a couple bowls of pretzels for easy snacking. Also, pretzels are great snacks to absorb any beer (or too much beer). Anyone who goes to beer festivals knows this trick.

Also, pretzels can be more than just a snack in a bowl. Use pretzel buns for some sandwiches or stuff a soft pretzel with a hearty filling. An entire Super Bowl menu could have a pretzel theme.

Cream Cheese

Who hasn’t cooked with Philadelphia Cream Cheese? Before everyone thinks that we are suggesting a table filled with cheesecake, cream cheese can have many savory recipes. From that accent in sushi to a flavor enhancer, cream cheese can be used in many recipes.

A personal favorite recipe is the Epic Sausage Dip that we shared with our friends at Jet Press. You can find the full recipe in this Super Bowl related article. It is very easy to make and every football fan that we know loves it.

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Who didn’t see this Super Bowl food coming? Hershey, Pennsylvania is all about chocolate. There are so many ways to include some chocolate into a Super Bowl party. From chocolate chip cookies to cakes to even some Hershey candy bars.
There’s always room for chocolate, right?


Ok, this food choice could get us in trouble. Peeps were created in Pennsylvania. This candy is quite divisive. But, the classic Peeps have come a long way. Even though the Peeps flavored Oreos might be a little strange, Peeps are a huge part of pop culture.

Wonder if the Eagles win the Super Bowl will Peeps make special Super Bowl Eagles Victory Peeps?

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These are just a few Philadelphia Eagles inspired Super Bowl foods. What are you serving at your Super Bowl party? Share your menu below or share it with us on social media using #FoodSided.