Valentine’s Day celebrations made easy, simple ideas to share the love


The day of love doesn’t have to be intimidating. Valentine’s Day celebrations are easy thanks to these simple ideas.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, everyone is trying to create over the top, memorable celebrations. From the elaborate, expensive dinners to the extravagant bouquets, Valentine’s Day can become a huge (and costly) event. Valentine’s Day celebrations don’t have to be excessive. These simple ideas can make the celebration special, too.

Valentine’s Day celebrations, dessert, MAGNUM Tubs, photo by Cristine Struble

Valentine’s Day dessert

The most romantic day of the year often has a sweet note. Valentine’s Day desserts don’t have to be complicated soufflés or 17 layered chocolate cakes. The recently launched MAGNUM Tubs are a lovely way to end a romantic celebration.

MAGNUM Ice Cream Bars have been popular with ice cream lovers. The combination of silky, smooth ice cream and chocolate shell is always a perfect bite. Not that chocolate and ice cream combination can be eaten with a spoon.

The new MAGNUM Tubs offer that delicious chocolate shell in every delicious spoonful. Each tub has a chocolate shell that is “cracked” before serving. By squeezing the tub, each and every ice cream bite has a taste of the decadent chocolate shell.

Available in four flavors, “Milk Chocolate Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, and White Chocolate Vanilla,” there is a perfect option for any couple. While one spoon might be a romantic touch, two spoons could prevent any unforeseen arguments. Then again, two MAGNUN Tubs might be an even better idea.

Wingstop WING LUV Heart Box, photo provided by Wingstop

Be original and skip the boring

Some Valentine’s Day celebrations focus on aphrodisiac foods. Those Valentine’s Day foods might appeal to some, but others prefer a more approachable Valentine’s Day meal. Wingstop Restaurants are making sure that this year’s celebration is a successful one.

For some people chocolate and flowers aren’t what they are craving this Valentine’s Day. Wingstop is offering a WING LUV kit. This kit “contains a heart-shaped wing box (chocolate is overrated) and all the romantic essentials necessary to make the perfect wing bouquet: skewers for wing “roses,” decorative cellophane, tissue paper, ribbon and DIY instructions.” To round out the gift, the WING LUV kit includes $25 Wingstop gift card and Valentine’s Day cards. The whole kit costs $35 and can be purchased by calling 1-844-WING-LUV.

Those mouthwatering wings might be the spicy kick to a perfect Valentine’s Day.

HeartBaker pizza, photo provided by Papa Murphy’s

Put a heart on the table

With Valentine’s Day falling mid-week, a huge celebration may not be in the cards. Still, the day needs to be celebrated. Papa Murphy’s is making the Valentine’s Day celebration festive, easy and fun with the HeartBaker pizza.

Available through Valentine’s Day, the HeartBaker pizza is the perfect pizza for Valentine’s Day. Shaped like a heart, the pizza is covered with pepperoni and cheese. Baked at home, the HeartBaker makes the Valentine’s Day celebration about spending time with the people you love versus cooking an elaborate meal.

To complete the meal, Papa Murphy’s offers chocolate chip cookie dough for dessert. Who wouldn’t feel the love with pizza and chocolate chip cookies for Valentine’s Day?

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What have been your favorite Valentine’s Day celebrations? Have any celebration advice for the day of love?