National Drink Wine Day: Another reason to open a favorite bottle of wine


From Wine Wednesday to girls’ night out, wine is often flowing. National Drink Wine Day is another reason to open a bottle of your favorite wine.

Every day of the week seems to have a food holiday. While some celebrate some obscure foods, other holidays are just a great reason to enjoy a beverage that everyone enjoys. National Drink Wine Day is a food holiday that is a perfect excuse to open a favorite bottle of wine.

Strolling down a wine aisle or browsing in a wine shop can be daunting. The various regions, varietals and bottles is a lot for even a sommelier. Wine doesn’t have to be that overwhelming.

For $10-$20, anyone can find a good bottle of wine. Even if you’re picking the wine totally based on the wine label, a few key words, phrases or descriptions can help narrow down your choices. The most important concept to remember is that you should enjoy the flavor of the wine. Don’t pick a bottle because your father loves it, the wine shop said it is a great buy or a favorite celebrity made it. Flavor is subjective. Find the flavors you like and you can always find a great bottle of wine.

National Wine Day: Another reason to open a favorite bottle of wine, photo by Cristine Struble

All of these tips being said, here at FoodSided we have some wines that we’re loving right now. Maybe it’s the time of year, what flavors we’ve been craving or something else, but these wines seem to keep finding their way to our glasses.

What will FoodSided be serving on National Drink Wine Day? One of these bottles is a great start.

Spier Chenin Blanc: A crisp, clean white wine, the Spier Chenin Blanc is a lovely aperitif. This wine has pear and peach notes. Other tropical fruits come across as well. It is delightful on its own, with a cheese plate or a white fish.

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  • Famille Perrin Cotes Du Rhone Rose: While it may not be summer, rose can be enjoyed anytime of the year. This rose has more sweet notes. While the cherries add a bit of tart, the caramel is more forward. This wine is delightful with some spicy foods or a light pasta.

    Van Duzer Estate Syrah: This Oregon wine has become our go-to when serving a hearty, beef focused meal. The rich, red wine is quite smooth yet full-flavored. With some smoky notes, this wine is delightful with a juicy steak or braised short rib.

    Discovery Point Pinot Noir: This Australian wine is a great choice for fans of jammy wines. This wine is quite drinkable. Without a lot of tannins, it can be a lovely sipping wine on a quiet evening.

    Will you be celebrating National Drink Wine Day? What’s in your wine glass? Share your comments below or tag us with #FoodSided.