Margaritas on your fingertips: Bahama Breeze margaritas & manicures


On a sunny, bright day, a refreshing margarita can make it seem like an island getaway. Bahama Breeze is putting margaritas on your fingertips with margarita inspired nail polish.

As people try to dig out of the cold winter, National Margarita Day has everyone dreaming of tropical getaways, sunny days and refreshing margaritas. To celebrate the margarita holiday, Bahama Breeze has created a limited edition margarita-inspired nail polish collection. These three nail colors are inspired by the margaritas on the restaurant’s menu.

Bahama Breeze margarita inspired nail polish collection, photo provided by Bahama Breeze

The three colors are:

"· On the Rocks – a lime color inspired by Bahama Breeze’s Classic Margarita· Hot for Hibiscus Margaritas – a fuchsia hue inspired by Bahama Breeze’s drink of the same name· (Blood) Orange Ya Thirsty?! – a vibrant blood orange shade inspired by Bahama Breeze’s brand-new shareable Mighty Blood Orange Margarita"

These limited edition margarita inspired nail polishes will available online and in-restaurant starting on February 22, National Margarita Day. According to Bahama Breeze, the nail polishes can be purchased online at 500 nail polishes, priced at $5 each, will be available starting at 10 a.m. EST on February 22. Also, the 39 restaurant locations will give away 100 bottle of nail polish on National Margarita Day. Food or drink purchase is required.

Bahama Breeze margarita inspired nail polish collection, photo provided by Bahama Breeze

Since National Margarita Day occurs during February, the bright margarita colors can be a fun infusion of color and flavor on a dull, winter day. Even if you’re not planning a warm, Spring Break getaway, the margarita colors and flavors and be the boost to make any day a little bolder.

The three margaritas that inspired the nail polish colors show the versatility of the classic sour cocktail. While many people only think of a classic margarita, the cocktail can be so much more. From citrus infused flavors, like the bold Mighty Blood Orange to the floral Hibiscus Margarita, the classic cocktail can be transformed in so many ways. With the perfect balance of sweet and sour, the margarita is quite refreshing.

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National Margarita Day is the perfect reason (or excuse) to enjoy a margarita. Prolong the margarita celebration with the margarita inspired nail polishes. Who doesn’t want some margaritas on their fingertips?