Oscar party foods get a spark of movie inspiration


Whether you’re watching for the red carpet fashion or the next big blunder, the annual Academy Awards is a must see. These Oscar party foods have a spark of movie inspiration.

Movies fans, celebrity watchers and many others eagerly anticipate the annual Academy Awards. Even if you haven’t seen all the nominated films, watching the show on Sunday night can be fun. Many people even throw Oscar watching parties. Since FoodSided has already recommended some Oscar cocktails for your sipping enjoyment, a party isn’t complete without some Oscar party foods.

Since the Oscars are such a huge annual celebrity event, everything associated with the celebration needs an extra spark. With these special Oscar party foods, the spark comes from fire, specifically a blowtorch. Forget the flame from the grill when you can have the sparks tableside.

Before anyone gets scared or worried, using a blowtorch isn’t that difficult. The biggest item to remember is safety, like make sure your hair is tied back (burnt hair and yummy food don’t mix). Once you get the hang of using a blowtorch, it is easy and quite impressive for your friends.

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Just like with the Oscar cocktails, Oscar party foods often are inspired by some of the season’s nominated movies. Blending together favorite foods and popular movies makes for an entertaining party. While the plot of the movie may be complicated, the snack ideas don’t have to be.

These two Oscar party foods are based on some popular movie watching foods. One savory and one dessert item, these party foods are more like a heavy appetizer. Whether served from an elegant buffet table or just from the coffee table, the flavors will impress even the pickiest eaters.

First, the Dunk-Kirk Pizza Dip is a new twist on a classic pizza slice. While pizza is always tasty, this version is a little richer. The cream cheese layer adds a depth of flavor to the traditional slice. Plus, with the blowtorch, you can control the level of cheese melty-ness. What’s more impressive that breaking out fire to melt cheese?

Here’s how to make Dunk-Kirk Pizza Dip.

Oscar party foods get a spark of movie inspiration, photo provided by Craft Box Girls, Zeno Group

"Dunk-Kirk Pizza Dip recipe by Craft Box Girls for BernzomaticIngredients:• Pizza dough• Pizza sauce• Pepperoni• Cooked sausage crumbles• Cream cheese• Italian blend of cheesesSteps:1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.2. Line a pie dish with pizza dough.3. Bake pizza dough for 15-18 minutes or until fully cooked.4. Remove from the oven and cool. Once cool, spread softened cream cheese on the pizza dough.5. Add a layer of pizza sauce and sausage, then add thin layers of sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.6. Place back in the oven for 8-10 minutes.7. Remove and top with cheese and finish by melting the cheese with the Bernzomatic TS4000."

Since every party needs a sweet treat, a dessert with a little flambé is in order. Based on the nominated movie Lady Bird, this dessert is a blend of salty and sweet. Since the movie’s character wishes to spread her wings, this dessert offers a play on a nest.

The flavor combinations of chocolate, marshmallow and pretzels are quite appealing. It’s that salty, sweet and gooey that has people going back for more. Can you eat just one? Here’s how to make Lady’s Bird Nests.

Oscar party foods get a spark of movie inspiration, photo provided by Craft Box Girls, Zeno Group

"Lady’s Bird Nests recipe by Craft Box Girls for BernzomaticIngredients:• Mini pretzel rods• Milk chocolate morsels• Large marshmallows• Cupcake liners• Glitter cupcake wrappers• Graham crackersSteps:1. Place cupcake liners in a cupcake tin.2. Break up the mini pretzel rods and fill the cupcake liners.3. Melt the chocolate morsels in the microwave until creamy and smooth. Spoon chocolate over the pretzels.4. Let the chocolate harden or place in the fridge to accelerate hardening.5. Once the chocolate is hard, remove from cupcake liners and place them back in the cupcake tin.6. Cut a large marshmallow into fourths. Top each nest with three marshmallow pieces.7. Use the Bernzomatic TS4000 to melt and crisp the marshmallows – you’ll want to torch only for a few seconds so you don’t melt the chocolate8. Remove the nests from the cupcake tin and place in glitter cupcake wrappers.9. Top with a dusting of graham cracker crumbles."

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