Glitter beer: Should we really try it or is it a fad gone wrong?


Move over rose, a new beverage is about to take over your Instagram feed. Glitter beer is a thing and people are obsessed with it.

Over the past year, colorful and sparkly foods have been everywhere. From the brightly colored Unicorn Frappaccino to neon colored bagels or even mermaid cakes, food has never been so colorful. Those color trends are making their way into the beverage world. Glitter beer is here and you just might be tempted to try it.

According to various sources, several craft beer companies have started to produce glitter beer. These craft beers appear to have a glittery, sparkly swirl. Basically, these craft beers are made with edible glitter. Different from the glitter in your kids’ art project, this glitter is safe to eat. Still, while the colors may be pretty, should you really try it?

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After reading a few articles about this new beer fad, no one has talked about the craft beer’s taste. Sure the Instagram pictures are pretty and enticing, but does the beer taste good? Personally, the beer can be absolutely visually stunning, but if it tastes skunky who wants to drink it?

One of the more well know glitter beers is Bold Missy Brewery’s beer. The North Carolina brewery describes its beer as a saison. This type of beer is generally a pale ale with some fruit and spice notes. Given the color, it seems to be more toward the pilsner/lighter version of a saison. Even though people are snapping pictures of the sparkles, no one is talking about the taste. Is this beer more show than substance?

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  • Two Birds Brewing in California offers a Stardust IPA. The name, and the glitter, is a tribute to the late David Bowe. Again, the brewery doesn’t describe the beer’s flavors. Sure, people generally understand some components of an IPA, but real beer drinkers might want more than just a pretty Instagram picture.

    Don’t get me wrong, a good looking beer can make anyone thirsty. Who hasn’t seen a frosty cold pint and instantly started to salivate? Colorful beers can be absolutely delicious. The Playalinda Violet Lemonade Ale that at Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival is visually gorgeous and extremely flavorful. It has a hoppy ale flavor with floral notes and drinks slightly tart, yet refreshing. Sure, you can appreciate the picture, but you want to drink it because of the beer’s particular flavors.

    Of course, beer drinking doesn’t have to be a serious, snotty endeavor. Food trends come and go, too. I’m not knocking these particular beers. I’m sure if I had the opportunity to try one, I would. Still, I’m not going to order one just because of the glitter component.

    How long will the glitter beer trend last? No one can predict. Didn’t they say that rose wouldn’t be around for more than just a summer?